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How to be Prepared for a Cloud Outage in 2019

Cloud outages can happen at any time. Equipment malfunctions, software bugs go undetected, natural disasters occur and unforeseen situations can hit your customers hard if you’re not well prepared to resolve the issue. Infrastructure is not fail-proof, and this is the case for even prominent cloud service providers like Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.…

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4 Tips to Control Public Cloud Spending

  Public cloud adoption is exploding and promises a number of benefits, including reduced CAPEX and OPEX costs. However, without proper monitoring and the right processes in place, cloud spending can actually spiral out of control. Given that organizations that have done little or no cloud cost optimization can overspend by 70% and upward, according…

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Why Network Automation is Climbing the Priority Ladder for IT Teams

As business size grows, so too does complexity. Modern enterprises are juggling more cloud providers, data and applications than ever before, and things can get stressful – fast. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of network automation and how SD-WAN plays a part in automation. Simplifed network management With the number of routers, switches,…

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