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Healthcare Technology Trends

5 Healthcare Technology Trends in 2018

By Crystal Xue | October 1, 2018

As the world continues to globalize, healthcare and technology are becoming increasingly intertwined. Today, health IT companies all over the world are spearheading pioneering concepts that aim to revolutionize the…

What is Anycast

What is Anycast and How Does it Work?

By Crystal Xue | September 13, 2018

Anycast overview Anycast is a network addressing and routing method that attributes a single IP address to multiple servers in a network. The idea behind anycast is that data is…


What Is IPMI And Why You Should Care

By Crystal Xue | June 14, 2018

  Ensuring server hardware runs optimally and is carefully maintained can be tricky. Even if you’re an experienced server administrator, it’s likely that you’ll face challenges monitoring the status of…

Mobile Delivery Network

How You Can Improve Mobile Delivery Throughout Your Network

By Zenlayer | February 6, 2018

Mobile is quickly becoming the consumer’s device of choice because of its availability to connect whenever, wherever. Therefore it’s vital to optimize mobile delivery throughout your network. While there may…

Network Resiliency Plan

Network Outage Resiliency Plan

By Zenlayer | January 25, 2018

We all strive for perfection and promise 99.99% uptime. But outages happen. Natural disasters, cyber attacks, and simple human error can lead to random outages. It’s not a matter of if,…

Data Center Downtime

Measuring Data Center Downtime

By Zenlayer | January 20, 2018

If your business relies on data centers, any downtime will negatively affect your business. Are you measuring and monitoring its performance? By measuring Data Center Downtime (DCD) as a business metric, you’ll quickly…

Cloud Cost Management

5 Ways To Lower The Cost Of Cloud Management

By Zenlayer | October 24, 2017

Managing cloud operations is expensive, but there are ways to lower the costs. Best practices in cloud management starts with the mindset of optimizing your resources. A well oiled machine…

Internet Content Provider license

Providing Internet Content To China While Maintaining Compliance

By Zenlayer | October 12, 2017

Regulatory compliance is a critical consideration when transmitting and storing data. It becomes exponentially complex as different countries have different laws around data residency. This is especially true for businesses wanting to…

Why Edge Computing Is Trending In North America

By Zenlayer | September 7, 2017

Just as businesses start committing to the cloud, another trend starts to emerge – edge computing.

Right now, edge computing is trending in North America for a variety of reasons. As with all technology, moving to the edge is simply the next evolution from the cloud.

While edge computing and cloud computing will work hand-in-hand, businesses are starting to find that for some things, closer data processing is the better choice.

What is data center automation?

By Zenlayer | January 25, 2017

“Data center automation” is a term that has been popping up a lot recently, but what exactly is data center automation?

What services does it include?

What benefits does it provide?