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Zenlayer opens new office in Hangzhou devoted to R&D

By Lisa Cooper | August 7, 2019

Zenlayer opened its latest new office on July 24th, this time in China’s tech hub Hangzhou. This new office will be devoted to research and development, primarily for Zenlayer’s Cloud…

What is an Access Control List (ACL)?

By Zenlayer | July 30, 2019

What exactly does an access control list do? It acts as the gatekeeper of your network by regulating all incoming and outgoing data packets.

What is Forward Error Correction (FEC)?

By Zenlayer | July 19, 2019

Stand-alone SD-WAN solutions don’t completely packet loss and network errors. But by using forward error correction, it’s possible to significantly improve the integrity of your network.

Why choose Zenlayer SD-WAN?

By Lisa Cooper | July 8, 2019

What’s the difference between Zenlayer SD-WAN and other implementations? And what makes Zenlayer’s solution so special?

Through New Eyes: Undersea Cables are Basically Magic Rainbows

By Lisa Cooper | June 27, 2019

Telecoms industry insiders often forget what makes the internet so magical. For example, undersea cables are basically magic rainbows surrounded by fish.

A Trip to Set Up Data Centers in Mumbai

By Lisa Cooper | June 17, 2019

Every member of the Zenlayer Sales Team has global expertise and can find exactly the right data center for any purpose. But how do they learn all that knowledge? Simple:…

What is Cloud DDoS Protection?

By Lisa Cooper | June 14, 2019

One of the best options to protect against global DDoS attacks takes advantage of the Cloud’s inherent distributed nature. This is called Cloud DDoS Protection or Cloud Anti-DDoS.

Zenlayer OOBM CPE Device

Coming Soon from Zenlayer: OOBM based on SD-WAN

By Lisa Cooper | May 31, 2019

OOBM gives you an alternate path to connect to your devices and see what’s going on. It’s a great way to add another level of redundancy to your network.

cloud security

Why your data isn’t less secure in the cloud

By Zenlayer | April 25, 2019

Not long ago, CIOs hesitated to move to the cloud due to security fears. Today, over 70% of organizations are in the cloud. The myth that cloud computing is less…


How Does SD-WAN Support Internet of Things (IoT) Growth?

By Zenlayer | April 18, 2019

With cloud computing being pushed to the edge, the demand for flexibility, visibility and performance are becoming more important than ever. Internet of Things (IoT) workloads in particular will require…


Planning for Success in a Multi-Cloud Environment

By Zenlayer | April 11, 2019

84 percent of companies use a multi-cloud strategy today, according to Rightscale’s 2019 State of the Cloud. It’s easy to see why CIOs are going all in – their IT teams…

3 Key Reasons Businesses Are Migrating to IPv6

By Zenlayer | April 4, 2019

IPv6 has been an approved network layer protocol for over a decade now, but adoption has been slow until recent years – simply because there weren’t enough compelling reasons for…