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Connecting Care

Free connectivity solutions for educators and healthcare providers

Connecting doctors with patients and teachers with students

The COVID-19 crisis is unlike any before in our lifetimes. There is much we don't yet know about the virus or what effects it will have on our society, but there is one thing we know for certain: healthcare providers and educators need the support of everyone.

Demand for remote access has skyrocketed. We want to help these providers meet that demand without taking time away from their missions. As an edge cloud services provider, we help connect users around the world. Now we want to help connect patients with their doctors and students with their teachers, offering our services free of charge from now (March 31, 2020) until June 30, 2020.

Let us know if you’re a healthcare or educational provider that need a faster network or more computing power via the form below.


Reduced video & audio lag for virtual doctor visits

As COVID-19 continues to spread, medical providers are increasingly turning to virtual appointments to keep patients and caregivers safe. These virtual visits are conducted via online video, where lag can interfere with communication.

We would like to contribute to these medical providers' efforts by offering all clinics, hospitals, and other related institutions free bandwidth and use of our private network, which can be used to reduce lag and buffering in livestreamed video.

Improve network stability for online lessons across the globe

The coronavirus has interrupted studies around the world. Schools and universities are turning to online lessons, both livestreamed and pre-recorded for students to watch later. We believe almost nothing is as important as good education, and want to help make these classes as available as possible. In addition to serving local students, our private global network is particularly helpful to ensure network quality for international students.

To assist educators, we are offering all schools and online education programs free bandwidth and use of our private network and on-demand servers, which can be used to distribute video content quickly and without lag, even when delivering video to hundreds of students at once.


More computing power to help researchers find a cure

Researchers around the world are racing against the clock to find a cure and/or vaccine for COVID-19. As more and more data is collected in case reports and trials, an increasing amount of computing power is needed to process it quickly.

Our on-demand servers powered by Intel offer high-performance computing for CPU-intensive programs. Research and diagnostic institutions can turn on these servers instantly in more than 25 countries across five continents.

Fast and secure file sharing for global collaboration

The world is fighting COVID-19 together. File sharing between regions and countries needs to be both fast and secure, whether it's research information, patient files, or files for 3D printing vital parts for medical devices.

We are offering medical and educational institutions use of our content delivery network for reliable and fast file sharing.


Available products

Bare Metal Cloud

Spin up on-demand bare metal servers in more than 25 countries around the world. Bare metal means they're dedicated to your use, not a virtual machine running on a device shared with other users.

Ideal for video streaming and data processing.

Cloud Networking

Instantly create a private network between data centers, private clouds, and public clouds to bypass public internet congestion.

Ideal for video streaming across regions.

Edge Computing Network

Accelerate content and applications through a next-generation content delivery network (CDN) to reduce lag, buffering, and latency (wait times).

Ideal for video streaming and large file sharing.


IP Transit

Internet bandwidth using Zenlayer's private, global backbone, which boasts over 9.8 Tbps globally.

Ideal for all online purposes.

The services above will be available free of charge to qualifying institutions as long as our network has capacity. Some restrictions apply. Please contact us for more details.