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edge computing autonomous cars

How Autonomous Cars Helped Pave The Way For Edge Computing

By Oliver Leung | January 9, 2018

Autonomous cars are becoming mainstream every day. Autonomous cars aren’t just tangible Artificial Intelligence, they’re also paving the way for edge computing.  As producers of autonomous cars quickly discovered, edge computing and autonomous cars go hand-in-hand. It’s only by working together that mass adoption is achievable.  When The Cloud Isn’t Fast Enough It’s one thing for…

Regulatory Compliance For SDN

Regulatory Compliance For Software Defined Networks (SDN)

By Oliver Leung | December 28, 2017

One of the most common concerns with implementing Software Defined Networks (SDN) is about regulatory compliance. It’s a significant challenge when your business operates across multiple industries and/or countries with varying compliance rules. While SDN doesn’t magically solve compliance barriers, it does make it surprisingly easier to manage compliance and customize rules for different areas of your business…

Zenlayer Capacity Asia 2017

Capacity Asia 2017: Carrier’s Role in Cloud Adoption

By Oliver Leung | December 14, 2017

A carrier is a provider of transport level infrastructure to the cloud. It connects the cloud service provider to the customers. Although telecom companies provide services to the lower layers of the stack, carriers are aggressively pushing customized transport solutions tailored for cloud providers and consumers. At Capacity Asia 2017, Zenlayer’s Founder & CEO spoke on a panel about…

Tickets to board the Mystery on the Orient Express

AWS Orient Express

By Oliver Leung | December 6, 2017

At AWS re:Invent, Zenlayer teamed up with NS1 to host a Murder Mystery themed after Murder on the Orient Express. Unlike other after parties on The Strip, our goal was to create an engaging evening of suspense centered around building connections to Asia. The event was sold out in 3 days with a waitlist of over a…

flexible and scalable bandwidth

The Importance Of Scalable and Flexible Bandwidth

By Oliver Leung | November 27, 2017

Your bandwidth is like traffic – the more your put through, the more congested it is. Bandwidth is the commodity every business needs, but usually they have either too much or too little. What many businesses overlook is the importance of flexible bandwidth. By flexing and scaling up bandwidth, you get a custom solution that meets your business…

Big Data Games

Managing Big Data Games

By Oliver Leung | November 21, 2017

The gaming industry is accelerating and the amount of data consumed is on par. Analyzing the various interactions is important to understand the psychology behind player preferences. Unfortunately, this also creates a problem – how to store and process the massive amount of data. Big data gaming requires a solution for the relentless tsunami of information in order to…