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zenlogic edge computing

Why You Need To Know About Edge Computing

By Oliver Leung | November 16, 2017

Clouds are coming down to earth and have been pushing computing to the edge. Devices are now taking some of the processing workload, which is why edge computing is so exciting. In some circles, edge computing is also known as fog computing. So why does edge computing matter? Can’t the cloud gods handle everything? Sometimes…

Pushing clouds to the edge

Does Edge Computing Mean The End Of Cloud Computing?

By Oliver Leung | November 8, 2017

The cloud is becoming a blunt tool in the shed. The trend towards edge computing seems to be slowly pushing cloud computing to the edge. Is edge computing vaporizing clouds? The short answer is no. But the more complex answer is cloud computing may not always be the best solution. Edge Computing vs. Cloud Computing Edge…

Digital Presence In China

5 Benefits Of Establishing A Digital Presence In China

By Oliver Leung | October 30, 2017

China represents a massive market opportunity and if you don’t have a digital presence here, you’re missing out. According to the United States Census Bureau (USCB), China represents 15.7% of total trade in the US. This is expected to grow as the partnership strengthens under the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) Information Technology Agreement (ITA).   Here are…

Cloud Cost Management

5 Ways To Lower The Cost Of Cloud Management

By Oliver Leung | October 24, 2017

Managing cloud operations is expensive, but there are ways to lower the costs. Best practices in cloud management starts with the mindset of optimizing your resources. A well oiled machine runs better than an inefficient, high powered engine. There is an immediate benefit to reducing the amount of hardware on-site, which lowers ongoing maintenance costs.…

Bare Metal Cloud

Configure & Manage Bare Metal Servers

By Oliver Leung | October 17, 2017

Sometimes a virtual environment doesn’t quite fit your needs. Dealing with noisy neighbor issues affects performance isn’t an option for many businesses. Bare metal server environments provide an alternative that’s almost the same as hosting your own servers in-house. Of course, you get the convenience and cost savings of off-site hosting. If you’re considering a…

Internet Content Provider license

Providing Internet Content To China While Maintaining Compliance

By Oliver Leung | October 12, 2017

Regulatory compliance is a critical consideration when transmitting and storing data. It becomes exponentially complex as different countries have different laws around data residency. This is especially true for businesses wanting to operate in China because of strict internet and privacy laws. Providing internet content To China is a challenge, but it is not impossible to overcome. To…