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Edge Computing Network

Delivering web applications anywhere in the world faster and more securely

Zenlayer Edge Computing Network is a next-generation content delivery network (CDN) that allows you to reduce latency and speed up data transfers beyond what you can achieve through code optimization and increased bandwidth.

But Edge Computing Network goes beyond traditional CDNs. Built on the Zenlayer global private backbone, Edge Computing Network lets you lower latency for dynamic content as well as static content. In addition, the Zenlayer online platform allows for instant provisioning, real-time analytics, and customizable security.

If it uses data, Zenlayer can accelerate it

Website Content

Push new and popular content to edge locations for immediate retrieval

Video Streaming

Reduce buffering and wait times by caching videos near users

Mobile Game Content

Don’t keep your players waiting for updates and levels

Large File Downloads

Break large files into manageable chunks for seamless downloads

More than fast


Instant provisioning

Why wait for someone else to accelerate your content when you can do it yourself much faster? Zenlayer Edge Computing Network offers instant provisioning via our online portal. Choose exactly what content to accelerate where or set up detailed algorithms to optimize your speeds.

Built on Zenlayer’s global network

Zenlayer Edge Computing Network is built on Zenlayer’s private, global backbone and SD-WAN services. That means that not only can you accelerate your applications anywhere in the world, but your dynamic content is also served with minimal lag and ultra-low latency.


Security you can count on

When you’re sending your files across a network, it’s imperative that network have security you can count on and trust.

API for custom certificate use

IP-based whitelist and blacklist access control

TLS 1.3 support

Protected download links

User agent-based blacklist control

Customizable security logic

Real-time monitoring

See exactly what’s going on with your data in real time via the online portal and create detailed reports showing when, where, and how fast your files are being accessed.


Real-time traffic volume, cache hit rate, download speeds, and other metrics

Detailed streaming logs

Advanced analytics including demographics, top URLs, and more

API for integrating with your own monitoring system


Part of the Zenlayer Services Suite

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Scalable multicloud connectivity

Cloud WAN

Simple WAN management
for global enterprises

Edge Data Center Services

Comprehensive solution to deploy and manage global IT infrastructure

DDoS Protection

Mitigate attacks in less than 10 seconds, keep your business running as normal.

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