Software-Defined Wide Area Network

Features and Benefits

On-demand direct/dedicated connections between public clouds and/or data centers

Rapid Deployment

Start service in 24 hours

Pay As You Go

Pay by day, month or year


Dynamic bandwidth provisioning

Ultra-Low Latency

Dedicated line to avoid public network congestion

Multiple Access

Fiber, cross connect,IPsec


Built-in redundant routes

Sample Use Cases

Content Delivery Networks

Quickly retrieve content from source server and deliver to edge servers
Guaranteed performance 24/7 (bypasses public Internet congestion)

Video & Live Streaming

Ultra low latency eliminates delays that affect user experience
Distributed edge network ensures global coverage

Gaming & Entertainment

Deliver immersive gameplay with no lag
Scale instantly in response to customer demand
Fast turn-key delivery


Secure data transfer between global offices
Quickly transfer data between public clouds
Pay only when data transfers take place