Level Up Your Infrastructure

Build a low-latency network that gives the same experience in every market.

High performance computing

Dedicated bare metal servers reduce computing latency frequently experienced on virtual servers

Ultra-low latency network

  • 100+ PoPs covering six continents ensures that you can place computing infrastructure as close to users as possible to minimize latency
  • Dedicated circuits on Zenlayer's global backbone avoids public Internet congestion, allowing for consistently fast data transfers among different regions
  • Real-time optimization of network traffic to ensure fastest route
  • Built-in redundant routes ensure network resiliency
  • Dynamic acceleration uses UDP and TCP protocols to deliver seamless gameplay

Deploy and scale instantly

  • Easily scale up computing infrastructure to handle sudden influx of players and scale down at end of game life cycle
  • Instantly provision burstable bandwidth to support massive traffic spikes
Scalability and elastic bandwidth
Low investment for test environments Copy

Protect your game from attacks

  • Protect against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that can completely destroy user experience
  • Gain piece of mind with Zenlayer’s cloud-based DDoS protection with 1 Tbps+ of scrubbing capacity
  • Six cloud scrubbing sites located in North America, Europe and Asia

Low investment for test environments

  • Prior to product launch, test the game’s global performance by provisioning a small number of servers on-demand and at a low cost
Low investment for test environments

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