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Build your fabric for AI on Zenlayer’s hyperconnected global backbone that offers direct connections to public clouds, data centers, and more.

Transfer AI models seamless with reliable, high-speed connectivity.

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AI tech company enhances data transfer with multi-cloud connectivity

The customer frequently transfers vast amounts of data between origin nodes, training clusters, and inference clusters, but grew concerned with the unreliability and lack of privacy with public networks.

Using Zenlayer’s full-mesh, layer-3 interconnectivity, and cloud networking edge nodes, the company optimized transfers across various global regions, enhanced network reliability via redundant circuits, and ensured easy scalability down the road.


Transform your AI capabilities

Zenlayer's AI solutions are designed to meet the complex and evolving needs of modern AI workloads. With our global presence, expertise in emerging markets, and comprehensive services, you can confidently scale your AI operations and elevate performance with cost-efficiency.

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