> Zenlayer Global Accelerator (ZGA)

On-demand application acceleration

Improve application availability, security, and performance without deploying infrastructure.

Ride on Zenlayer’s private global network for enhanced speed and security





Instant acceleration for multiple use cases


Global server acceleration
Sending updates
Multiplayer interaction


Dynamic instruction transfer
Business platform API calling
Data collection and processing
Edge computing

Cross-border E-commerce

Authentication and user access
Product pictures and video uploads
Manage multiple platforms

Offices (HQ & Branch)

SaaS access
Cloud access
Enterprise VPN, FTP access

Live Streaming

Interactive audio and video
AR filter effects

> Customer Stories

FTL Express

“After using Zenlayer Global Accelerator, we were able to significantly lower latency to our AWS origin. Their tech support team is professional, responsive, and takes the time to explain technical issues to us. Zenlayer is a reliable partner for us to globalize our business.“

Weiquan Long, CTO

Real results

Online gaming

Use cases:

Global server acceleration, game livestreaming, large file transfers (installation packages, updates), etc.


Singapore to Beijing Alibaba Cloud

Time to connect

Total transfer time

Multinational companies

Use cases:

Connecting headquarters and branch offices, SaaS and Cloud access, cross-region large file transfers, etc.


Philippines to Singapore

Cross-border E-commerce

Use cases:

User authentication and access, uploading product information, pictures, and videos, managing multiple platforms, etc.


Loading a 1.3 MB webpage in Shenzhen from San Francisco AWS

Load time from AWS source

Internet of Things/Blockchain

Use cases:

Data collection and processing, dynamic instruction transfer, API calling, edge computing, etc.


Connecting São Paulo to Shanghai



Packet loss

How does it work?

First mile: Zenlayer provides direct connections to the public cloud.

Middle mile: Zenlayer Global Accelerator uses Zenlayer’s software-defined backbone and protocol optimization for lightning-fast acceleration between nodes.

Last mile: Zenlayer Global Accelerator detects the user’s access area using smart DNS and provides access to the nearest local node.

Zenlayer global accelerator white paper

#1 Cross-border dynamic & application accelerator

Global service, local support

24/7 live technical support included

< 15 minute
response time

95% of tickets are
resolved in < 4 hours

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