AdTiming serves up content with less latency and expands coverage with Zenlayer

Founded in 2016, AdTiming is a premium, data-driven ad mediation platform that aims to maximize revenue and improve advertising efficiency for developers, enterprises, and advertisers around the world. The company offers high-quality mobile marketing solutions through cutting-edge technology and in-depth industry R&D to create a closed loop from user acquisition to application monetization, helping clients improve their return on advertising spend (ROI).

To date, AdTiming has partnered with 1500+ enterprises and developers and 30+ Ad Exchange Platforms, catering to a wide range of industries spanning e-commerce, gaming, utility, and social applications.


Up to 45% Reduced latency  |  20% Lower operating costs


The collaboration with Zenlayer is actually the inevitable result of conforming to the development trend of digital technology. AdTiming mostly uses Zenlayer Global Accelerator (ZGA) and we have been very satisfied with Zenlayer’s product quality and services. Especially in terms of low latency and high stability of the global network, ZGA satisfies our business needs very well.

AdTiming’s original IT architecture required a lot of manpower in basic operation and maintenance, and at the same time failed to fully meet the increasing network requirements of our global users. As a result, we were urgently looking for technology partners in emerging markets around the world. With their swift responses and professional and meticulous service, Zenlayer quickly won our trust. With the ZGA products, AdTiming quickly achieved global user coverage but also realized the ‘last mile’ local network access in emerging markets.

Wentao Zhang CTO, AdTiming

The Challenge

With a razor-sharp focus on the bottom line, businesses are quick to abandon services they deem unstable, sluggish, or unresponsive. In order for AdTiming to provide its premium, data-driven advertising content services, user requests had to be aggregated from all over the world to the company’s data center in North America. This meant that users in geographically distant regions with suboptimal networking infrastructure like Southeast Asia, South America, and the Middle East frequently experienced high latency and instability when accessing AdTiming’s services, hurting the company’s brand reputation and customer retention.

Furthermore, the constant need to connect to its many global clients heavily taxed AdTiming’s internal IT infrastructure, putting a strain on the company’s limited manpower and resources while skyrocketing costs in operation and maintenance.

These compounding factors made it challenging for AdTiming to meet rising user demand and expand its global footprint.

The Solution

Making advertisements more engaging and enjoyable for users

A core function of AdTiming’s marketing platform blends engaging video advertisements with interactive games to capture user attention and generate product awareness. This service requires consistently reliable network performance with low latency, as the users of today’s fast-paced world are likely to abandon a page or close an app whenever an advertisement stalls or fails. Further, lags and stutters are exceptionally disruptive to interactive games, making them unresponsive and unenjoyable to play.

With the help of Zenlayer’s suite of advanced networking services, AdTiming was able to significantly reduce its advertising content delay and transmission times, lowering the overall latency of its content service by up to 45%. To improve the performance and stability of the platform’s video advertisements, static requests were routed to and fulfilled through Zenlayer’s Content Delivery Network (CDN), which intelligently caches content at the edge closest to users for lightning-quick distribution. Zenlayer Global Accelerator was used to speed up dynamic content delivery to ensure that users had smooth and enjoyable gaming experiences within the advertisements.



Elevating user stickiness alongside operational efficiency

Using Zenlayer’s high-performance global backbone with 290+ edge nodes in both developed and emerging markets, AdTiming improved the speed and reliability of its marketing platform and as a result, user participation and stickiness – a measure of the frequency of users returning to the platform.
The private network environment provided by Zenlayer’s cloud networking service also shields AdTiming’s internal traffic from the noise and congestion of public networks while alleviating the company’s greatest resource strains by taking the pressure off its origin site. Now that AdTiming runs its operations through a much more efficient, private office networking infrastructure, overall employee productivity has improved, and remote workers can access their corporate mailboxes with greater security.


Expanding global coverage with 20% savings in operating costs

Not only did Zenlayer’s technology help take the stress off AdTiming’s origin server and drastically improve the performance of its marketing platform, but Zenlayer’s extensive presence throughout the world and flexible payment model also made it easy for the company to instantly scale its content service to rapidly rising user demand. Without the need to scale up equipment or manpower, the company was able to successfully expand its global coverage while lowering its overall operational costs by 20%.

The Result

Reduced the latency of the advertising content platform by up to 45% with Zenlayer Global Accelerator.

Improved user satisfaction and stickiness along with internal operational efficiency through Zenlayer’s private cloud networking services.

Smoothly expanded global coverage with Zenlayer’s extensive presence around the world, especially in emerging markets.

Leveraged Zenlayer’s global backbone and flexible payment model to alleviate heavy resource strains on IT infrastructure and reduce operating costs by 20%.


Looking Ahead

Zenlayer’s global private network and acceleration platform will continue to help AdTiming sustainably develop key areas of its business while facilitating the company’s expansion into South America, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States. Zenlayer strives to keep user experience smooth and satisfaction high for AdTiming’s marketing platform as the advertising services company works to diversify its portfolio with new games, tools, social networks, and other applications to enrich its product offerings and create more value for customers.

Expand your global footprint with Zenlayer

A winning combination of Zenlayer Global Accelerator, CDN, and networking solutions powered by 290+ edge nodes and delivered with our characteristic “Wow” service fast-tracked AdTiming’s global expansion while improving user experience and reducing operating costs.
If your business is looking to expand its global footprint, improve experiences for users, or accelerate apps or services, be sure speak to a Zenlayer solution expert today!

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