Deliver an immersive experience to every player, every time.

Ensure ultra-low latency on a consistently reliable network

Solution: Zenlink enables users to create their own private global network to guarantee speed and stability

Simultaneously deliver content to multiple locations

Solution: Host content in Zenlayer's 90+ data centers spanning six continents to minimize distance to players

Utilize a testing environment prior to product launch

Zenlayer's data center, network and application platforms allow users to create test environments with minimal resources and commitment.

Scale up for massive traffic spikes or scale down at end of game life cycle

Solution: All of Zenlayer's platforms empower users to instantly provision and pay as you go.

Protect your service from DDoS attacks

Solution: Filter out true attacks with anti-DDoS technology to minimize downtime and prevent poor user experiences.

Deliver high performance via dedicated hardware

Solution: Zenlayer’s bare metal clouds eliminate latencies associated with virtual machines and “noisy neighbors”.

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