> For CDN and cloud service providers

Rapidly expand your global reach

Instantly scale your infrastructure across 50+ countries for enhanced performance and data sovereignty compliance.

Build, manage, and scale your infrastructure

Bare metal

Get dedicated physical servers for high-performance computing.

Virtual machine

Customize specs (1 – 32 vCPU, 2 – 128 GB RAM) and scale on demand.

Premium network for low-latency delivery

100+ Tbps global network

Proprietary blend of top ISPs in each region, real-time traffic engineering, dynamic routing

10,000+ direct peers

Reduced network hops, expanded traffic paths, lower transit costs

Guaranteed uptime for your users


Real-time monitoring of hardware health and seamless switching of servers when needed.


Redundant network topology and hardware with multiple uplinks in each location.

Need to quickly deploy your own hardware?

Complete solutions from procurement to maintenance

Hardware procurement

Our global procurement team is experienced in handling worldwide equipment purchasing and transportation.

Installation and provisioning

Our experienced deployment engineers will install hardware and provision networks according to the highest industry standards.


Proactive analysis of real-time network conditions and abnormality detection. Built-in redundancy and intelligent routing allows your network to dynamically select the best routes for data transmission.


Proprietary operations support system provides visibility into each device (including servers, PDUs, switches, routers, etc.) to monitor status and usage, offering insights on how to optimize equipment deployment.


We’ll take care of all routine maintenance and ensure consistent uptime.

Global service, local support

24/7 live technical support included

< 15 minute
response time

95% of tickets are
resolved in < 4 hours

Consult with a global infrastructure expert

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