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Catch Africa’s rising tide

Fuel your next engine of growth with Zenlayer’s compute and networking services in one of the world’s fastest-growing internet markets.

Get closer to your users for better user experience

Deploy and run your applications from core internet hubs in each region

Northern Africa

Cairo, Egypt

Western Africa

Lagos, Nigeria

Eastern Africa

Nairobi, Kenya

Southern Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa

Instantly test in new locations or scale in existing ones with Zenlayer’s compute services

Bare metal

Dedicated physical servers for maximum performance. Intel® Xeon® processors.

Virtual machine

Highly scalable, affordable compute starting at $0.02/hr. Customizable specs (1-32 vCPU, 2-128 GB RAM)

Overcome connectivity challenges with Zenlayer’s premium network

Zenlayer’s solution

Africa’s networking challenges

Africa market overview

570 million

internet users

At 43% internet penetration, Africa has massive room for growth

$115 billion

digital economy

Surge in startups + consumer spending project a $712b market size by 2050

19 years

avg. age

Africa has the world's youngest population. South Africans spend nearly 11hrs/day online

Accelerate your expansion into Africa

Talk to our regional experts now

Global service, local support

24/7 live technical support included

< 15 minute
response time

95% of tickets are
resolved in < 4 hours

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