> Bare Metal

Performance at the edge

Dedicated servers in 60+ cities across 40+ countries. Deploy in minutes.

Get high-speed performance with dedicated bare metal servers

High-performance hardware​

Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. Up to 384 GB RAM. SSD/NVMe storage.​

Premium network

Best blend of local ISPs in each region with dynamic routing on our 100+ Tbps network to ensure lowest latency.

Instant provisioning

Set up via Terraform, APIs or our point-and-click zenConsole.

Flexible billing

Pay as you go, starting from hourly. Get discounts for longer commitments.

Reach emerging market users with minimal latency

A top 10 global gaming publisher reduced latency for users in Turkey by 46% when connecting to Zenlayer bare metal vs. major public cloud provider.​

Complement your existing cloud architecture

Create a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud in minutes with our on-demand cloud networking service.

Connect directly (and privately) with clouds, SaaS, and your workloads in other regions.

User Cases

Use public cloud for developed markets and extend your reach into emerging markets with Zenlayer Bare Metal

Use bare metal servers for reliable performance and burst into the cloud with virtual machines to handle spikes.

High-performance hardware


Starting from $0.587/hr

Intel Xeon E series​

4-8 cores, 3.5-3.9 GHz​

16-32 GB RAM​



Starting from $1.803/hr

Intel Xeon Silver/Gold series

16 cores, 2.1-3.9 GHz

64-384 GB RAM​

SSD or NVMe​


Starting from $2.289/hr​

Intel Xeon E or Gold series​

12-32 cores, 2.4-3.9 GHz​

128-384 GB RAM​




1 Gbps - 25 Gbps

IP address

1 free public IPv4 address​

1 free public IPv6 address​

Additional IP addresses available for purchase

Server billing options

Pay by hour​

Subscribe for a month or more for discounts

Bandwidth billing options

Data transfer: Burstable bandwidth

Flat rate (capped bandwidth): Unlimited data transfer

Aggregated burstable 95th: Aggregate multiple servers’ traffic with a minimum bandwidth commitment

Operating systems

Custom hardware

Monthly or longer subscriptions come with free bundled bandwidth (10-50 Mbps flat rate or 1.5 – 7.5 TB data transfer, depending on location)​

ZEGO improves interactive experience for global users​

“By working with Zenlayer, we were able to quickly enter new markets while saving operating costs. Thank you for providing us with a stable and high-quality network worldwide.”

Rui Zhao, DevOps Manager, ZEGO​

Spin up a bare metal instance in two minutes

Empower Global Interactive Applications with Zenlayer Edge Compute

Exploring edge compute trends, challenges and emerging use cases

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