> Content Delivery Network

Accelerate delivery of content to users worldwide

Improve digital experience instantly with worldwide content delivery. Zenlayer CDN gets content to your users faster and more reliable than traditional networking solutions.

Optimize user experience for increased customer satisfaction

Give your users optimal digital experience with ultra-low latency when accessing pictures, files, and other content, leading to satisfied customers and increased revenues.

Smooth demand spikes with distributed delivery

Deliver content quickly even during demand spikes with intelligent routing to direct users to the nearest available server. Increase your userbase without affecting performance.

Faster delivery of content to anywhere in the world

Zenlayer’s global coverage means you can deliver content in under 30 ms to anywhere and under 10 ms in major cities. No matter where your users are, Zenlayer CDN has a server near them.

Simple management

Use the intuitive interface to easily add content distribution on six continents. View real-time analytics and adjust your network any time to handle bursts of users for events or updates with “pay as you go” plans.

Protect your content and network

Safeguard your content with multiple security policies both at the source and during transmission. Maintain high availability with multi-server and route redundancy for load optimization.

  • All Locations
  • Instant Compute Locations
  • Enabled Cloud & Private Connect

Over 70 edge locations in India and Southeast Asia

India and Indonesia are the fastest growing digital markets as of 2020 and combined have well over 900 million internet users. Zenlayer has over 70 edge locations dedicated to serving these users and others in the APAC region for an average latency of just 30 ms and under 10 ms in major cities.

How it works

Content upload via online portal

Users upload content via the online portal provided. This content is then prepared for distribution across the network.

Distribution via Zenlayer’s global backbone

The content is distributed across Zenlayer’s private, global backbone. This facilitates the distribution of content to multiple edge locations around the world.

Intelligent routing and user access

When users want to access specific content such as pictures or files, intelligent routing directs their requests to the nearest server. This ensures quicker access and enhances the overall responsiveness of the application, leading to increased user satisfaction.

Integrate content delivery with Zenlayer Global Accelerator

Zenlayer CDN seamlessly integrates with Zenlayer Global Accelerator for a complete content delivery and acceleration solution. Speed up access to every aspect of your platform.





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response time

95% of tickets are
resolved in < 4 hours

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