Expanding your VPN business to Indonesia? Here’s how Zenlayer can help!

The need for VPN services has been surging in recent years in Indonesia, which now ranks the highest in VPN use globally with 55% of its residents using some type of VPN service to access the internet.

Security is chief among the reasons that many in the country are turning to VPN services. It’s no surprise, given Indonesia is facing mounting cybercrime activities, and suffered more than 11 million attacks in just the first quarter of last year. Compounded by increasing governmental restrictions on social media and web content at large, more and more Indonesians are starting to realize the importance of personal privacy and security when going online.

With the third largest VPN market in the world – behind China and India – and a growing digital economy whose revenue is projected to reach $94.3 billion by 2025, Indonesia is filled with opportunities for VPN providers who can move quickly to capitalize on its potential.


How can we help you succeed in Indonesia?

Zenlayer lets you scale easily with a wide range of compute capabilities

Of the 280+ edge PoPs that make up our global network, more than 20 are in Indonesia covering some of largest cities like Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya, and Pekanbaru. In these cities, we offer a total of six availability zones – five for bare metal and one for VM – that feature a wide range of compute capabilities from 1 core, 2 GB RAM all the way up to dual Intel Xeon Gold 6226R Processors with a total of 32 cores and 192 GB RAM. Plus, all our servers can be spun up in minutes using zenConsole, where you’ll find an intuitive dashboard that makes managing and monitoring your resources quick and easy.

With such a variety of compute options that are quick to deploy, you can effortlessly scale up or down, spin up test servers in key markets, or assign free user traffic to lower-core models while using higher-core models for paid users to deliver an extra smooth, premium VPN experience.


Zenlayer lowers latency to boost and stabilize networking performance

We have roughly 3 Tbps of transit to the largest ISPs in Indonesia, including Telin and Indosat, that lets users reach your VPN servers faster and more reliably with less hops. In addition, VPN traffic out from Indonesia for content like live videos and sports streaming can be routed through our ultra-low latency global private backbone to our edge PoP in Singapore, the international traffic exchange center of Asia, where it would be routed directly to various tier-1 carriers for seamless viewing.

Further, you have the option of using our cloud networking services to help you establish dedicated lines between Indonesia and 60+ of the top cities in the world like Los Angeles, Washington DC, São Paulo, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and more that let your premium users bypass public networks for accelerated access to their favorite websites and content worldwide.


Zenlayer makes budgeting easier with cost-effective, flexible billing options

We offer flat fee, data transfer, and aggregate bandwidth pricing that let you choose the best fit for your business. Our pay as you go model gives your business more agility to scale anywhere in the world. Standard billing is month-to-month. Contact us for hourly billing on VMs.

Aggregate bandwidth lets you balance between overloaded and underutilized servers so that you can minimize bandwidth waste and make the most of your budget. Plus, you’ll also get 95% burstable bandwidth that gives you the flexibility to not overcommit to more expensive caps. We’ll sample your bandwidth usage over the month and take the top 5%, or peak bandwidth use, out of our calculation so that you can rest assured that unexpected traffic spikes are unlikely to lead to overage fees down the road.


Succeed in Indonesia with Zenlayer

As an emerging market, Indonesia can be a challenging place for foreign VPN businesses to successfully penetrate. Not only can you run into issues like inadequate network infrastructure that makes scaling and maintaining a good user experience incredibly difficult, but a lack of local experience and expertise can make even finding a suitable provider feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

You can count on Zenlayer’s expertise, advanced suite of compute and networking solutions, and 24/7 live support team to help you extend your success into Indonesia and the surrounding regions. Our global network of 280+ PoPs and 5,400+ peers ensure the best blend of local carriers across 6 continents for ultra-low latency and optimal performance that give your users a seamless VPN experience every time.

Can’t wait to grow your footprint with Zenlayer? Contact a solution expert now!

For the fastest service and compute you can deploy in minutes anywhere in the world, be sure to check out zenConsole!



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