Introducing Zenlayer Virtual Edge: Fast Access to Ultra-low Latency Global Connectivity

Multinational companies today face a variety of cross-border networking challenges, including security vulnerabilities, high fees, and low-quality long distance data transfers. These barriers make it difficult to offer reliable digital services to global end users and compete on the international stage.

Zenlayer now offers Zenlayer Virtual Edge, a cutting-edge solution that helps companies achieve ultra-low latency global networking in a highly flexible and cost-effective manner. With Zenlayer Virtual Edge, companies can connect to Zenlayer’s private network through dedicated devices set up in offices and other fixed locations. They can now tap into an elastic, ultra-low latency global network through the nearest Zenlayer PoPs via IPsec VPN/SSL VPN, and enjoy flexible billing and no maintenance requirements.

Here is a breakdown of how Zenlayer Virtual Edge works, and how it reduces friction for multinational companies that are expanding beyond their borders.


What is Zenlayer Virtual Edge?

Traditionally, customers with offices and data center server addresses outside of a point of presence (PoP) have to install a physical local loop to connect to a backbone network — a process that’s time consuming and expensive, especially in emerging markets. Zenlayer Virtual Edge helps enterprises overcome these challenges, and achieve fast, efficient and affordable global networking and transmission acceleration as an end-to-end network access service. It enables a simple and cost-effective way to connect to the internet from any location, and quickly tap into our advanced networking capabilities.

Zenlayer Virtual Edge complements and enhances the existing services such as Zenlayer Private Connect (ZPC), Zenlayer Cloud Router (ZCR), and Zenlayer Cloud Connect (ZCC) in Zenlayer’s Cloud Networking product portfolio. This new development provides far greater control over global connections, and allows customers to act with next-generation speed and agility.


How to use Zenlayer Virtual Edge

There are a few different ways to deploy Zenlayer Virtual Edge. For example, you can purchase CPE devices and put them in your office or data center, deploy virtual vCPE devices in the hypervisor, or install clients on PC or phone terminals and access Zenlayer PoP nodes using IPsec VPN or SSL VPN over the internet.

Once you are up and running with Zenlayer Virtual Edge, you can leverage Zenlayer’s global backbone network for instant networking and overseas SaaS acceleration between enterprises and branches or mobile offices.


Application scenarios for Zenlayer Virtual Edge

Here are some common examples of how companies can use the Zenlayer Virtual Edge cloud networking solution.

Global networking: Covering office environments such as headquarters, branches, stores, and warehouses, and computing environments such as data centers and public clouds.

Overseas SaaS acceleration: Enabling high-quality acceleration for services like Salesforce, Office365, GitHub, and more.

IaaS interconnection and O&M access acceleration: For mainstream public clouds, including AWS, Azure, GCP,  AliCloud, and Tencent Cloud.

Overseas audio and video application acceleration: Covering Teams, Chime, Zoom, Webex, and other platforms.

Zenlayer Virtual Edge: Main features

– Integrated network + security gateway

– Global backbone network spans six continents, with over 270 global PoPs and 37+ Tbps bandwidth

– Zero-touch deployment, active monitoring, and management visualization

– Wired-wireless integration supports branch node rapid provisioning

– Simplified operation & maintenance, network-wide status visualization

Why Use Zenlayer Virtual Edge? Top Virtual Edge connectivity benefits:

Quick and easy access to the Zenlayer backbone 

Now you can efficiently connect to Zenlayer’s cloud network backbone from any location. This is a great option for small to medium-sized enterprise customers who lack the resources to deploy local loops.

Broad third-party integration 

We integrate with a large ecosystem of leading third-party SD-WAN providers such as Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, and more. Our SD-WAN partners identify with over 5,500 mainstream SaaS services and applications to provide enhanced security features, powerful routing capabilities, access to SD-WAN devices, and zero-touch deployments.

This partner network combines our own technology and resources, and an extensive low-latency global network offering full-link real-time monitoring, failover, redundant clusters, intelligent load scheduling, and more. Together, we offer a complete end-to-end networking solution for customers.

Superior SaaS performance 

Companies often experience poor transmission quality and access issues when using cross-border SaaS services. Oftentimes, this is because SaaS PoPs are located hundreds or thousands of miles away from end users in global markets.

Zenlayer Virtual Edge leverages local PoPs. This reduces long distance data transfers and enables faster and higher quality access to SaaS services with minimal jitter and packet loss.

Enhanced security 

Zenlayer Virtual Edge works in conjunction with Zenlayer Secure Access Server Edge (SASE), for advanced security. In addition, it integrates with existing identity access management (IAM) and single sign-on (SSO) tools for advanced cloud protection.

Rapid provisioning (coming soon) 

Traditional networks can take a couple of months or longer to design and deploy. Later this year, we will make Zenlayer Virtual Edge available on zenConsole so that users can access ultra-fast connectivity to clouds, applications, and data centers in just a few clicks.

Around-the-clock support 

The Zenlayer professional team offers 24/7 bilingual technical support to ensure smooth operations and rapid-response troubleshooting.


Customer Success Stories for Zenlayer Virtual Edge

Example 1: live streaming company 

This client is an interactive live streaming platform headquartered in Beijing, with offshore AWS servers in Singapore. Its staff in Beijing had difficulty accessing and managing their servers, which was negatively impacting daily operations and making it difficult to provide maintenance.


– We deployed a CPE (Customer Provider Edge) at the user’s offices in Beijing to connect to the nearest PoPs through the local internet, and then tap into the Zenlayer backbone network.

– The user’s routes that access AWS point to the CPE in the Beijing offices.

– In Singapore, Zenlayer’s PoPs have already dedicatedly connected with AWS, so it only needs to activate the dedicated port and there is no need to deploy any device.

– At the last mile in Singapore, the user accesses AWS traffic through highly stable dedicated connections.


Latency decrease: 35%

Jitter decrease: 40%

Cost decrease: 30%


Case 2: Technology provider  

 This client is a multinational technology company headquartered in San Francisco, offering security services for websites. The client was experiencing poor cross-border connectivity quality, which was impacting user experience and efficiency, and making it difficult to access services like Office 365 and Azure.


– We deployed a CPE at the user’s offices in Beijing to connect to the nearest PoPs through the local internet, and then tap into the Zenlayer backbone network.

– Based on business locations to select landing places, and deploy vCPE exits in the local PoP server room.

– When the user’s business system is distributed in multiple physical locations, multiple exits can be built, and optimized based on business locations.


 Latency decrease: 40%

Jitter decrease: 40%

Cost decrease: 30%


Start Using Zenlayer Virtual Edge cloud connection Today

 Zenlayer Virtual Edge provides a fast and affordable way to connect to Zenlayer’s global private network backbone and access ultra-fast, stable, and secure global networking services.

 To learn more about Zenlayer Virtual Edge, contact sales.

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