Zenlayer and Mobily Forge Partnership to Supercharge Cloud Computing and Connectivity in Saudi Arabia

London, 18th October – In a groundbreaking announcement at Capacity Europe, Zenlayer, the world’s first hyperconnected cloud, and Mobily, Saudi Arabia’s second largest internet service provider (ISP), revealed their new strategic partnership. The alliance aims to deliver high performance edge compute and connectivity services to businesses deploying infrastructure in Saudi Arabia and potentially beyond.

Zenlayer, renowned for its extensive network of edge infrastructures and expertise in fast-growing emerging markets, will bring its cutting-edge technology and services to Mobily’s data centers in Saudi Arabia. Mobily, on the other hand, will provide a broad portfolio of data center and network services to Zenlayer’s clients. This synergy will not only expand Zenlayer’s global network coverage but also enhance Mobily’s service offerings, reinforcing its position as a leading ISP in Saudi Arabia.

“This is our first strategic partnership in the Middle East and its significance cannot be overstated.” said Joe Zhu, Founder and CEO of Zenlayer, “Mobily is a dominant player in Saudi which has been instrumental in shaping the digital landscape of the country. Their commitment gives me great confidence that we can together make a significant impact on the digital transformation of the region.”

The partnership holds immense promise for a wide range of industries, with gaming companies being a prime example. Saudi Arabia ranks as the 19th largest gaming market in the world, experiencing a remarkable 41.1% year-on-year growth. With over 21 million gamers in the country, the Kingdom’s annual investment of $180 billion to establish itself as a global gaming hub further solidifies its significance in the gaming industry. Zenlayer and Mobily’s joint solutions will provide gaming companies with ultra-low latency and enhanced user experiences. Other industries such as energy, healthcare and retail also stand to benefit from this collaboration.

Looking ahead to 2024, the world may witness complex regional dynamics leading to an outflow of talent, investment, and businesses to new markets. Consequently, there is expected to be surging demand for applications and services to be deployed at the edge as organizations compete to reach users in these burgeoning markets. Coinciding with data sovereignty policies that are quickly gaining adoption around the world, global businesses need to work with “glocal” vendors like Zenlayer to host services wherever their customers are located. This partnership promises exceptional opportunities for businesses seeking to thrive in Saudi Arabia and the broader Middle East area.

About Zenlayer

Zenlayer is the world’s first hyperconnected cloud, operating more than 280 Points of Presence across 50 countries. Businesses utilize Zenlayer’s on-demand compute and networking services to deploy and run applications at the edge. Zenlayer enables organizations to instantly improve real-time digital experiences worldwide. Visit us online at and connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter: Zenlayer.



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