Zenlayer Joins the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a Cloud Interconnect Partner

Los Angeles, California – January 22, 2020 Zenlayer has officially joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a Cloud Interconnect Partner. Partner Interconnect is a service from Google Cloud that allows customers to connect to Google Cloud Platform globally. Direct connections to Google Cloud through Zenlayer’s global network are currently available in Mumbai, Hong Kong, and São Paulo, with more locations to follow in the near future.

Zenlayer differentiates itself by being known primarily as a global edge cloud services provider with global reach. The choices of India and Brazil for two of these first connections is an extension of Zenlayer’s multi-year plan to bring edge cloud services to emerging markets.

“Zenlayer not only offers direct connections to Google Cloud, but we can give you those connections no matter where you are in the world,” said Joe Zhu, Zenlayer CEO and Founder. “There’s no negotiating with a different third party for each region you want to connect in. If you’re not already in a Google Cloud data center, you can co-locate with us, choose a managed hosting solution, or use our private backbone to make the connection to another data center. Either way, you’ll be guaranteed minimal latency.”

Ryan Yang, Zenlayer’s Sr. Product Director, concurred. “We can provision connections instantly, not just to Google Cloud but data centers and other public and private clouds around the world. If you’re doing edge computing using Google Cloud in Mumbai and want to connect that data to a program running on AWS in Los Angeles, we can make that happen in just a few minutes if you’re already using Zenlayer Cloud Networking or SD-WAN.”

By connecting to Google Cloud through Zenlayer, companies can choose bandwidth speeds that meet their needs, from as low as 1 Mbps to as high as 100 Gbps. Furthermore, bandwidth can be adjusted at any time to meet demand.

Zenlayer expects to soon expand the number of locations in which it directly connects to Google Cloud. Of the 36 cities in the world with Google Cloud direct connections currently available, 13 offer ultra-low latency (<5 ms). Two of those cities are Mumbai and Hong Kong. Zenlayer will strongly consider other ultra-low latency locations, with a preference for those in emerging markets such as India, Brazil, China, Indonesia, and South Africa.

For more information about Zenlayer Cloud Networking, visit: https://www.zenlayer.com/products/cloud-networking/ 

About Zenlayer
Zenlayer (www.zenlayer.com) is an edge cloud services provider and is headquartered in Los Angeles and Shanghai with offices in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen. Businesses utilize Zenlayer’s software-defined platform to instantly enable worldwide connectivity and deliver superior user experience. Zenlayer offers on-demand bare metal cloud, cloud networking, SD-WAN, and managed services in more than 150 data centers on six continents.

About Zenlayer

Zenlayer is the world’s first hyperconnected cloud, operating more than 280 Points of Presence across 50 countries. Businesses utilize Zenlayer’s on-demand compute and networking services to deploy and run applications at the edge. Zenlayer enables organizations to instantly improve real-time digital experiences worldwide. Visit us online at and connect with us on LinkedIn and Twitter: Zenlayer.



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