Zenlayer helps leading Chinese News Agency reach global audience


Zenlayer will be providing managed hosting services for China News Service (CNS), one of the largest state-level news agencies in China, in data centers across Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and Frankfurt.

Functioning as a state-level news service as well as an international news agency that delivers news to a global audience, CNS is primarily subscribed to by Chinese readers overseas.

CNS will be using Zenlayer’s high-performing dedicated servers and managed hosting service to support the wide range of reports and information across three continents. This will enable CNS to focus on producing and curating relevant rather than allocating internal resources and infrastructure to run their website.

Zenlayer provides tailored hosting solutions across its vast network of nodes around the world. As a veteran hosting provider in China, Zenlayer has a comprehensive understanding both the China and global market to ensure best IT practices and Chinese government compliance.

“Maintaining our web performance is critical,” said Ge Lang Si, the Director of CNS’s Overseas IT Division. “Any downtime we experience reduces the speed in which we deliver news to our viewers and damages our credibility. Zenlayer provides the perfect solution for us because they have an understanding of IT practices both in China and globally, and can support us from multiple locations around the world.”

Maintaining optimal global user experience without expending a vast amount of internal resources has resulted in substantial cost-savings for CNS.

“Zenlayer keeps our audience happy and keeps us from having to worry about managing our website or working with multiple vendors. This saves us a tremendous amount of time and money.” said Si. “Services like this ensure that our news agency maintains its reputability as a trustworthy, reliable, and timely news source.”



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