Global leader in cybersecurity solutions expands coverage and improves monitoring with Zenlayer

  • Upgraded servers to Intel® Xeon® E5 processors to meet increasing performance demands
  • Established a reporting dashboard that readily provides real-time insights to facilitate more informed decision-making
  • Gained better cost control for improved profitability with overage alerts that will help minimize exposure to overage charges

About the client

The client is a global leader in cybersecurity solutions that offers antivirus, VPN, as well as identity and privacy protection services for individuals and businesses around the world.

The Problem

The client needed a vendor with global availability to improve the performance of their service worldwide as well as an easy way to monitor bandwidth utilization and device health to ensure service quality and stability.

Moreover, the client’s existing provider lacked overage alerts and proper support, hampering their operational efficiency. The client turned to Zenlayer for a comprehensive solution to address their pressing issues.

The Solution

We upgraded the client’s server specifications to meet their minimum standard of Intel® Xeon® E5 processors, ensuring that their infrastructure would be able to handle increased workloads efficiently. Our premium IP transit blend now connects the client’s sites in Mexico City to other locations throughout Europe and Asia-Pacific, streamlining their network infrastructure and simplifying their data transfers.

Additionally, we developed a custom data reporting dashboard that enables the client to monitor bandwidth utilization and device health checks in real time, providing valuable insights and analytics to facilitate more informed decision-making. To further help the client keep track of their usage and better align costs, we implemented an overage alert system that was missing from their previous provider.

The Result

We helped streamline the client’s operations by providing them with a one-stop shop solution that addressed all of their needs, removing the need for their procurement team to deal with multiple vendors in various regions.

Our tailored solutions not only helped the client address their immediate infrastructure and data reporting needs but also improved their service quality and operational cost efficiency.



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