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Customer Stories

WOW service 24/7
ZEGO assists global enterprises rapidly acquire stable and high-quality live streaming capabilities in more than 200 regions. To better serve their 500+ million users, ZEGO used Zenlayer to quickly deploy and connect 22 core and edge PoPs in Europe, America, and Southeast Asia.

By doing so, they established a stable, low-latency, dedicated network with access to the best local carriers and improved end-to-end real-time interactive audio and video experiences for users even under complex network environments.

At the same time, Zenlayer helped ZEGO reduce operation and maintenance costs, increase operation efficiency, and expedite technology developments and upgrades, allowing ZEGO to further expand its global footprint.

Zenlayer assists ZEGO to rapidly enhance real-time interactive experience for global users.
By the Numbers
Decrease in overall latency
Edge PoPs
10 Gbps
Daily bandwidth peak
User satisfaction improvement
Cost reduction
Regional infrastructure gaps
The regional network environment between user locations plays a key role in determining the quality of real-time experiences. How could ZEGO deliver the same high-quality, low-latency service in emerging markets such as India, Indonesia, and Brazil as they could in established markets like Europe?
Network infrastructure in emerging markets is limited
Emerging markets such as India, Indonesia, Brazil, the Middle East, South America, and Africa face many challenges compared with competitive, mature markets. 4G service is not widely available and 2G service is still common, meaning applications must contend with lower network speeds. Some markets have expensive network tariffs, complicated data protection policies, and/or limited suppliers. Connections between cities and regions are often sparse.
The solution

Zenlayer would quickly deploy and connect 22 core and edge PoPs in Europe, North America, South American, and Southeast Asia. This would establish a stable, low-latency, dedicated network; access to the best local carriers, particularly important in emerging markets; and improve end-to-end interactive audio and video experience for users around the world in complex network environments.

Why Zenlayer?
  • As the world’s most extensive edge cloud service provider, Zenlayer currently operates 160+ PoPs in 30+ countries, which enabled ZEGO’s global deployment needs to be instantly met.
  • Zenlayer in-house experts have in-depth understanding of local internet exchanges, ISPs, telecommunications operators, and data centers, especially in emerging markets.
  • Zenlayer provides standardized operation and maintenance services around the world.
  • ZEGO could rely on Zenlayer’s 24/7 bilingual technical support team for immediate problem resolution.
Instant bare metal servers
Zenlayer activated dedicated bare metal servers for ZEGO within one hour of each request.
  • Europe: Frankfurt, Madrid, Moscow, Paris
  • Middle East: Dubai
  • North America: Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle, Washington D.C.
  • South America: São Paulo
  • India: Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, New Delhi
  • Southeast Asia: Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Manila, Taiwan
The results
All of ZEGO’s key performance indicators were immediately improved, including sound and graphics quality, latency, packet loss, and network adaptability. Customer satisfaction increased by an impressive 35%.

ZEGO is building an ecosystem of "X+ audio and video" to enable integration of real-time audio and video with industrial applications. Zenlayer will continue to provide edge services for ZEGO, bringing users around the world closer together and enabling ZEGO to further expand their business.

Simplified maintenance and lower costs
With on-demand server activation, flexible billing service terms, direct connections between servers, and a single point of contact for concerns, Zenlayer both simplified maintenance and lowered operation costs for ZEGO.
“Wow” service
Zenlayer did more than provide global servers and bandwidth. The team worked with ZEGO to provide in-depth technical consultation in the preliminary stage, created a customized technical solution to meet ZEGO’s needs, used their strong relationships with global carriers to provide advance testing, and throughout the process was available to quickly respond to ZEGO’s questions and requirements.
"Zenlayer has established numerous data centers worldwide which serve Chinese enterprises going abroad. By working with Zenlayer, not only was ZEGO able to better control operating costs, but we could expand our overseas business presence. Thank you for your excellent global operation capabilities and ability to provide us with stable and high-quality network resources and IDC services."

-ZHAO Rui, ZEGO Operation & Maintenance Manager

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