Digital media company deploys hybrid cloud in China using Zenlayer Cloud Networking

A global social and digital media company based in North America and Europe was exploring new business ventures within China but lacked a hybrid cloud interconnect solution for the highly regulated and unique Chinese market. Using Zenlayer Cloud Networking the Client was able to deploy a complete hybrid-cloud environment across their infrastructure within just a week.

38% Decrease in latency  |  0 Packet loss

99.99% High availability  |  <07 Days to deploy

The Problem

Seamless expansion into China

The client had already established a number of PoPs in North America, Europe, and a few other global regions and now wanted to add China to their network. With the world’s largest middle class and media and data consumption rising exponentially each year, China is a highly attractive growth market. However, due to seemingly prohibitive measures such as the “Great Firewall of China,” ICP (Internet Content Provider) licensing, and limited choice in providers, breaking into the market can be daunting to foreign companies.

The Client wanted a seamless extension of their current network into China with connections to public clouds located both in China (Alibaba Cloud) and globally (AWS, Google). The solution needed to be secure, stable, and fast. Even better would be if the solution could be rapidly adapted in the future for new projects.

The Solution

Bare Metal Cloud around the world

Zenlayer proposed a multi-path, high-availability solution using Cloud Networking to leverage Zenlayer’s global, private backbone to interconnect the Client’s existing network with their new Alibaba cloud environment and locations both in and out of China.

A POC (Proof of Concept) testing environment was deployed and realized a 38% reduction in latency during peak hours. Full deployment commenced immediately after the POC.

Zenlayer provided connections from Beijing to data centers in Los Angeles and New York. Once each new PoP had been deployed, it took just minutes to make the connections adding the new location to the Client’s network and local Alibaba Cloud.

After deployment, all portions of the Client’s network using Zenlayer’s backbone were and continue to be monitored 24/7 by Zenlayer’s global support team. The team ensures the Client’s end-to-end latency remains low and can quickly reroute traffic if needed or provide any other required support.

The Result

Having the reliability and consistency of layer 2 networking was key in enabling the client to deploy their new China-focused business venture. The client can now expect up to 38% reduction in latency & jitter during peak hours and high availability uptime. By using Zenlayer’s private backbone, the Client will experience zero packet loss when transferring data between regions. As an added bonus, the total cost was approximately 30% lower than other leading providers.




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