Fortune 200 automotive giant expands to China with Zenlayer

Key points

  • Gained access to China’s premium CN2 information superhighway due to Zenlayer’s regional partnerships and economy of scale.
  • Created an accelerated interconnection between operations in Shanghai and Singapore using a combination of CN2 and Zenlayer’s software-defined network backbone
  • Successfully expanded into China with future-proof, compliant, and easily scalable infrastructure


About the customer

Industry: Automotive manufacturing
Needs: Cross-border interconnection, latency reduction, infrastructure expansion
Zenlayer services used: IP Transit, Edge Colocation

The customer is a Fortune 200 global automotive manufacturer with operations in 60+ countries. They initially approached Equinix, a longstanding Zenlayer strategic partner, to facilitate their infrastructure expansion into China.

While Equinix can build data centers in the country, the provider is not licensed to provide network services there. Recognizing the need for a dependable connectivity solution, Equinix referred the customer to Zenlayer due to our expertise and demonstrated success in providing seamless connectivity in China and the surrounding APAC markets.


The challenge: establishing a robust network infrastructure for accelerated data transmission

The customer has existing manufacturing operations within China but no centralized data center strategy or network aggregation point. They needed a reliable network infrastructure that can seamlessly carry their traffic from their manufacturing plant in Shanghai to their offices in Singapore.

China’s internet regulations are myriad and complex, as are its network provider/peering environment and laws surrounding foreign businesses. Zenlayer’s established relationships with the top telecom providers in China and extensive knowledge of the country’s regulatory and compliance landscape enabled us to provide the customer with the critical cross-border connectivity they needed for efficient daily operations.

The customer’s traffic is now routed through our global, ultra-low-latency backbone network until it reaches Singapore, where it’s seamlessly handed off to Equinix for further transmission. Our collaboration with Equinix demonstrates our commitment to providing comprehensive solutions, even if it means handing off the customer to another provider.


Leveraging Zenlayer to access China’s information superhighway

The CN2 is China Telecom’s information superhighway that features high-speed data transfers but comes at a significant cost. Leveraging our economy of scale, we were able to offer the customer a premium CN2 line at a lower cost.

Furthermore, understanding the customer’s need for cost optimization, we proposed a hybrid approach that distributes their traffic between our cloud network and the CN2 line. By strategically shifting traffic between the two, the customer was able to reduce heavy reliance on the more expensive CN2 network.

Not only did this approach improve the customer’s cost efficiency, but also ensured a resilient, scalable solution going forward for their constantly evolving business demands.


Looking ahead

Equinix and Zenlayer will continue to work together to support the automotive giant’s ongoing needs, monitoring and ensuring optimal network performance and efficient traffic transmissions. The customer can now focus their efforts and resources on further expanding their global operations to capture new markets worldwide.


Expand your global footprint with Zenlayer

Zenlayer’s premium IP transit, colocation services, and local expertise helped the customer successfully expand their operations to China, creating an accelerated network that helps the customer transfer data quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively for analysis and better decision-making.

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