How Hybrid Cloud Works with Bare Metal and Direct Cloud Connectivity

Imagine taking a high-performance sports car onto a rugged backwoods trail. You wouldn’t get very far on the rocky, unstable terrain. And the same logic applies when renting bare metal cloud servers for hybrid cloud computing. In other words, bare metal cloud requires seamless connectivity to enable fast and efficient data transmissions.  Without premium connectivity, you may encounter surprise performance issues in the cloud or hops in the middle — even when using the latest and most advanced servers.

Combining bare metal servers with direct cloud connectivity to form a hybrid cloud infrastructure is like putting a sports car onto an open highway. Read on to learn why bare metal cloud and direct cloud connectivity pair perfectly together, and how they enable an agile and flexible global hybrid cloud computing environment.


Bare metal cloud: Next-gen computing performance with cloud flexibility

When you leverage private bare metal servers, you rent dedicated hardware from a service provider and access it through a single-tenant environment. Bare metal cloud doesn’t come with any preinstalled operating systems or virtualization infrastructure, making it very flexible and cost-effective — and perfect for a hybrid cloud environment that requires advanced customization and security.

Why is bare metal cloud perfect for hybrid cloud computing? With bare metal cloud, you can retain much more control over a physical server than you can in a shared public cloud environment, and manage and optimize your own full stack from OS, hypervisor, to VM, and applications. At the same time, bare metal allows for greater flexibility over bandwidth and memory usage, enabling core affinity and reducing CPU contention for high performance applications. With containers getting broadly deployed, using bare metal cloud can also reduce the stack and complexity by running containers directly on bare metal rather than from a VM. This service is ideal for high-transaction workloads with latency sensitivity, and for businesses that require complex and custom hybrid cloud configurations.

Bare metal servers in a hybrid cloud configuration can enable you to:

– Consolidate IT resources
– Scale quickly and cost-effectively
– Effortlessly migrate workloads between different environments
– Enhance security and privacy
– Optimize and control public cloud costs
– Support high performance applications
– Customizable full cloud stack, or BYOL
– Avoid agents and hypervisors, and simplify container deployment


Direct cloud connectivity: Instant and reliable cloud connections

There are many ways to connect to the cloud. For example, you can connect using public IP addresses, cloud VPNs, internet peering, and so on. But we highly recommend using direct cloud connections. A direct cloud connection is a dedicated connection within a private network, or between a private network and the cloud.

With a direct cloud connection, you can instantly link hybrid cloud computing infrastructure across different geographical regions. It can enable you to access most public and private clouds, and create high-performing environments.


Why use bare metal cloud to support hybrid cloud infrastructure with direct cloud connectivity?

It’s simple: Bare metal cloud streamlines and enhances hybrid cloud computing, while direct cloud connectivity establishes dedicated links within private networks and the cloud. Pair them together, and your business can gain the full power and flexibility of the hybrid cloud, with far less performance issues.

Some of the benefits of combining bare metal hybrid cloud with direct cloud connectivity include:

– Less jitter and latency – avoid the congested public internet
– Control connectivity costs
– Scale instantly while leveraging burstable bandwidth
– Prioritize crucial applications
– Enhance security and privacy by using dedicated connections


Zenlayer: A one-stop-shop hybrid cloud solution provider for bare metal and cloud networking

We make it easy to achieve lightning-fast cloud connectivity, with our Bare Metal Cloud and Cloud Networking services.

– Zenlayer Bare Metal Server cloud solution combines the high-performance computing power of bare metal with cloud flexibility, enabling instant scalability and direct connections to leading servers and public clouds.

– Cloud Networking is a network as service (NaaS) offering that instantly connects data centers and cloud services — reducing latency by up to 40% during peak periods.


Customer Hybrid cloud example: Talk-Cloud

One company that’s leveraging a hybrid cloud computing solution using both Zenlayer Bare Metal Cloud and Cloud Networking is Talk-Cloud, an e-learning platform used by universities and other online education providers.

Talk-Cloud was experiencing exponential growth and needed to rapidly deploy new network nodes to maintain customer satisfaction. The heart of their platform is two-way livestreaming, an application extremely sensitive to latency issues and network instability.

Zenlayer’s solution:

– Bare metal servers at the edges of Talk-Cloud’s network to reduce latency by handling processing near users.
– Managed hosting in additional edge locations, further customizing the network to match Talk-Cloud’s user base.
– Leased lines provisioned on demand via Cloud Networking for access to Tencent Cloud or Alibaba Cloud, depending on the edge server location.
– IP transit with burstable bandwidth using Zenlayer’s private, global backbone to connect the new nodes, existing locations, and public clouds.


– 40% increase in coverage
– 99.9% uptime
– 20% cost reduction
– 5% latency reduction
– 1 point of contact
– 24 locations

Experience the Power of Hybrid Cloud Strategy using Bare Metal Cloud and Cloud Networking

As you can see, Zenlayer Bare Metal Cloud and Cloud Networking form a powerful hybrid combination. It’s a way to access flexible, bare metal cloud resources along with lightning-fast connectivity without having to go through multiple providers.

To learn more about how Zenlayer can help your business thrive in the hybrid cloud environment, contact sales.


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