World-leading manufacturer achieves seamless global connectivity

Key points

  • Leveraged Zenlayer’s private global backbone to seamlessly bridge global locations for greater operational efficiency
  • Accelerated remote resource access with a secure, reliable, and scalable networking infrastructure
  • Simplified compliance and improved cost-alignment by establishing direct circuit connections into China


About the customer

Industry: Manufacturing
Needs: Reliable cross-border connectivity, interconnections between sites, latency reduction
Zenlayer services used: Cloud Router, Cloud Connect, IP Transit

Boasting 60,000+ global employees, the customer is a world leading, multi-national technology manufacturer with a wide-reaching product portfolio that ranges from optical fiber, cable, and other telecommunications components to glassware, LCDs, projector lens, and more.

The century-old company has been powering technological transformations that deeply impact the various facets of our daily lives including healthcare and medicine, optical communications, automotives, commercial display, mobile electronics, and even our kitchens and dining tables.


The challenge: connecting global locations reliably and securely with low latency

As the customer restructured to adapt to growing business demands, they realized a need to interconnect their distributed sites in Amsterdam, Seoul, Shanghai, and Shenzhen back to their domestic data centers in Atlanta and Las Vegas.

They previously relied on the VPN tunnels via the public internet for internal interconnections but faced operational challenges due to the inherent lack of security, high latency, and peak-hour instability of public networks. This resulted in delayed communications, unsecure resource access, and poor performance with cloud-based applications that were critical to their day-to-day.

They approached other vendors prior to Zenlayer but were met with rigid options that failed to unify their solution and adequately address their various needs.


Stabilizing application performance and accelerating resource access

The customer was introduced to Zenlayer by Megaport, our longstanding cloud service partner. Recognizing the customer’s frustrations and sense of urgency, our team quickly devised a multi-pronged solution with Megaport to address the customer’s challenges.

We implemented local loops to establish secure, dependable connections from the customer’s locations in Europe and Asia to our private global backbone and used Cloud Connect to bridge them into Megaport’s network.

In collaboration with Megaport and leveraging our strategically deployed Cloud Connect edge nodes in Los Angeles and Washington D.C., we securely and reliably connected their global locations back to their data centers in Atlanta and Las Vegas via our edge nodes deployed in Los Angeles and Washington D.C.

The customer’s internal traffic is now routed through our lightning-fast global network, stabilizing application performance and accelerating resource access, resulting in more informed decision-making as well as improved operational efficiency and employee productivity.


Reducing operating costs and compliance complexities

The manufacturer needed to extend enterprise connectivity into China but could not find a suitable partner who was compliant with local regulations.

They initially approached a renowned data center provider who offered a route into China through Hong Kong via China-optimized connections, which incurred significant costs. Leveraging our enduring reputation and partnerships in the region, we were able to employ local networks to help the customer establish direct circuits into China at Shanghai and Shenzhen, streamlining compliance and enabling the company to rapidly establish a local presence.

Concerned with latency issues, the customer requested multiple latency tests to ensure optimal network performance. Our lightning-fast global network demonstrated markedly less latency compared to their existing connections, putting the customer’s performance concerns to rest.


Prioritizing human-centric solutions in an increasingly technical space

As today’s enterprise landscape grows increasingly dominated by technical complexity, Zenlayer and Megaport have collaboratively embraced a more human-centric approach to problem-solving.

Respecting the manufacturer’s internal workforce needs and the urgency conveyed by their customer contacts, we moved with immediacy to tailor an end-to-end connectivity solution that addressed their human needs along with technical requirements.

We then introduced them to zenConsole, our self-service platform, where they can easily check actual bandwidth use, set up performance alerts, and monitor their network in real time, giving them complete control over their digital infrastructure and ultimately, peace of mind.

Our approach to technical solutions deeply resonated with this customer, as they repeatedly commended not just the professionalism our solution team exhibited, but also our responsiveness and willingness to compromise and think outside of the box to resolve their various challenges.

They were particularly impressed by Zenlayer’s ability to meet them at every turn where other vendors fall short, demonstrating that our solutions aren’t underpinned solely by technology, but also empathy and adaptability.


Looking ahead

We will continue working with Megaport to ensure optimal network performance and a reliable digital infrastructure for the technology manufacturing company so that they can continue operating without fear of connectivity issues.


Accelerate enterprise expansion with Zenlayer

Zenlayer’s lightning-fast global backbone, regional partnerships, and innovative solutions helped the customer streamline and enhance their cross-border enterprise network for improved productivity and operational efficiency.

If you’re looking to expand your business’s global footprint, streamline operations, or accelerate apps or services to improve user experience, talk to a Zenlayer solution expert today!

For instant provisioning, check out zenConsole — our self-service platform that lets you deploy around the world in minutes.



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