Zenlayer Wins PTC Networking Innovation Award

Zenlayer wins PTC networking innovation award


Zenlayer is pleased to announce that its SD-WAN solution has won the PTC Networking Innovation Award 2019.

The PTC Networking Innovation Awards identify and honor organizations and individuals that are moving the needle forward in the way of innovation. For this particular category, organizations were assessed on their innovation’s core inventive idea and reduction to practice, adoption and overall impact on the Pacific region.


“Thank you to PTC for the recognition and continued support. This award validates that Zenlayer’s SD-WAN solution extends value as a simplified, cloud-first network. We will make even bigger strides in innovation to help create a better connected world,” says Joe Zhu, CEO of Zenlayer.


The announcements were made at the PTC Innovation Awards Gala on Wednesday in Honolulu.


View the full list of PTC Innovation Awards winners


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