> For multinational enterprises

Fast and reliable connectivity across China’s borders​

Due to China’s unique internet structure, users in China may experience high latency and packet loss when accessing content served from outside the country.​

Improve productivity for your employees and better serve your users in China with Zenlayer’s China Connect solution.​

A solution for every use case

Accelerate public content into China​

Use our premium networks such as CN2 to deliver content hosted outside China to users in China.​

Direct connection for AWS in US to China​

Provision direct connections from your AWS US VPCs to AWS China VPCs in 3-5 business days.

SaaS acceleration for employees​

Get faster access to 350+ business-critical applications such as Office365, Zoom, and Salesforce for employees in China.​

Why Zenlayer?

10 years of experience in cross-border in China connectivity

Partnership with every major carrier in China

60+ nodes and 60+ in private circuits in China

> Customer Stories

ICE accelerates data for financial customers in Asia

“Thanks to Zenlayer, financial service companies in clouds in China now can obtain ICE’s global real-time market data more cost-effectively through Zenlayer’s global acceleration solution, which can help these companies to make more informed investment and risk management decisions.”

Liang Ou, Head of Business Development, ICE Asia Pacific

See how Zenlayer can help you streamline China connectivity​

Sample architecture

Improve internal data flow 

Customer currently uses a colocation facility in Shanghai, AWS Ningxia, and Alibaba Cloud Shanghai to host their data and applications --> interconnect all three via Cloud Router and Cloud Connect​

Connect Shanghai office to Singapore office and San Jose headquarters --> connections done via Cloud Router and Virtual Edge​

Customer Benefits

Navigating China’s internet regulations​

China is a market with huge potential, but the government heavily regulates and monitors every aspect of the internet, from network and storage to content and delivery. Learn about the requirements you must meet to comply with local laws and operate a successful business

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