Bare Metal Cloud Celebrates 40 Locations!

The season of Zenlayer Reimagined continues as we celebrate our Bare Metal Cloud team! Zenlayer’s Bare Metal Cloud service is now available in 40 cities around the world thanks to recent deployments in Marseille, Madrid, and Mexico City.

Reimagining Bare Metal Cloud refers to the hard work spent reimagining our deployment process during the time of COVID-19 to protect the health of all Zenplayers while still adding new options for customers to lower latency and improve digital experience around the world.

“I’m very proud of the team, and want to recognize that so many people at Zenlayer were involved in making this happen. Our engineers managed complicated deployments while adhering to COVID-19 restrictions, our product managers were in constant communication with the data centers and service providers, R&D developed new configurations best suited for the new markets, Operations did terrific work on the service delivery as well as customer support, and so on. Thanks to everyone we will now be able to improve digital experience for even more people around the world.” – Bare Metal Cloud Product Architect Seagle Yang

“This would have been impressive for any team, let alone a virtual team in different locations and different time zones. Most of the team has never met but worked seamlessly to expand – almost triple in fact – our number of BMC instances within a year. COVID-19 can’t slow us down. Even as IDC engineers can’t travel, server lead times have gotten longer, and equipment shipments have been delayed, our virtual team members always come up with a plan B to make it happen. This was especially for deployments in Brazil and India.” – Bare Metal Cloud Product Operation Manager Ares Lee

Even more deployments are on the horizon as we continue our mission to bring ultra-low latency to every internet user. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates.

Bare Metal Cloud is currently available in Brazil, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Myanmar, Netherlands, Nigeria, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA, and Vietnam.


40 cities, 26 countries, and counting!

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