Global hospitality leader modernizes IT infrastructure in Asia

Key points

  • Accelerated infrastructure deployment by working with a one-stop-shop provider, eliminating the need for multiple vendors and months of onboarding
  • Streamlined hybrid cloud management with seamless interconnections across offices, Equinix data centers, and public clouds
  • Enhanced network efficiency and redundancy with a redesigned infrastructure for optimal performance worldwide


About the customer

Industry: Enterprise
Needs: Network performance stabilization, cross-border interconnection, latency reduction
Zenlayer services used: Zenlayer Cloud Networking, Cloud Connect, IP Transit, Edge Colocation


The challenge: updating an outdated global infrastructure amid the mounting demands of rapid business growth

The customer, a world-leading hotel group, faced substantial hurdles due to rapid business growth and outdated IT infrastructure. Compounded by cross-border latency, managing their AWS Ningxia and Alibaba Cloud infrastructures, and interconnecting their offices and colocated resources in Equinix data centers across Shanghai, San Jose, and Singapore proved challenging.

The customer needed to either source and onboard multiple infrastructure vendors along the way, or partner with a provider with a solid aggregate network, extensive expertise in the APAC region, and demonstrated success with regulatory compliance in mainland China.


Enhancing global connectivity and operational efficiency through Zenlayer Cloud Networking

Zenlayer, with our strong partnership with Equinix and combined regional expertise, proved to be the ideal solution for the customer’s issues. We implemented local loops to seamlessly interconnect the hotel group’s colocated resources in Equinix data centers across Shanghai and their office in Singapore to their corresponding data center within the same country.

Additionally, we provided secure connections using IPSEC over the public internet to enable accelerated, more efficient management of their internal resources within AWS Ningxia and Alibaba Cloud China from San Jose and Singapore.


Simplifying infrastructure deployment by working with a single vendor

As a one-stop shop, we helped streamline the onboarding process that would otherwise involve five to ten different vendors and take up to half a year or more, simplifying the customer’s infrastructure deployment and management, saving them significant time and resources.

Leveraging Zenlayer for the physical infrastructure of their hybrid cloud, the hotel group now has a redesigned, redundant, and highly efficient network.


Looking ahead

Zenlayer will continue to partner with Equinix to ensure optimal network performance and support for the hotel group as they focus on growing their footprint worldwide.


Expand your global footprint with Zenlayer

Zenlayer’s premium IP transit, cloud networking services, and local expertise helped the customer rapidly modernize their outdated infrastructure for improved operational and cost efficiency.

If you’re looking to expand your business’s global footprint, streamline operations, or accelerate apps or services to improve user experience, talk to a Zenlayer solution expert today!

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