Leading regional financial provider improves digital experiences for remote workforce

Key points

  • Enhanced remote team collaboration and public cloud access via Zenlayer Cloud Router and Cloud Connect
  • Optimized network performance, resulting in more efficient cross-border operations and improved user experience
  • Reduced costs and simplified digital infrastructure by working with a one-stop shop vendor


About the customer

Industry: Finance
Needs: Improved access to cloud services, latency reduction, cross-border connectivity, enhanced security
Zenlayer services used: Cloud Connect, IP Transit, Zenlayer Cloud Router

The customer is a prominent financial provider in the Philippines boasting over $1 billion in sales and a workforce surpassing 500 employees. Faced with persistently unstable cloud performance, the bank needed to optimize its digital infrastructure to enhance user experience for its distributed workforce.

Their main goals were to streamline access to mission-critical cloud-based applications, minimize connectivity issues, and bolster overall security.


The challenge: enhancing cloud performance for remote team productivity

The bank suffered from suboptimal cloud performance, which lead to operational inefficiencies and frustrated remote and on-site employees. Recognizing that a dependable digital infrastructure is critical in ensuring seamless cross-border operations, the customer started searching for a comprehensive solution capable of addressing the multifaceted networking environments across Asia’s diverse markets.


Elevating teamwork efficiency through fast, reliable cross-border connectivity

To help improve network performance, we deployed a customized solution comprised of two local loops connecting the bank’s office and disaster recovery site in the Philippines. These local loops were strategically connected to our local edge nodes in Singapore, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.


Through these edge nodes, we were able to establish direct connections to the customer’s public clouds leveraging Cloud Connect and Zenlayer’s private, redundant backbone with network optimization technology. This solution ensured fast, dependable, and secure connectivity for the bank’s remote team members, resulting in smoother collaborations and greater overall productivity.


Minimizing costs and simplifying digital infrastructure buildouts

The bank opted for Zenlayer due to our competitive pricing and comprehensive solution offerings that addressed the customer’s needs and Asia’s unique network requirements. Our regional partnerships and edge-node presence enabled a unified solution across multiple markets, saving the customer from the hassle of sourcing multiple vendors for piecemeal solutions.


Accelerate enterprise expansion with Zenlayer

Zenlayer’s lightning-fast cloud networking, extensive coverage in Asia, and local expertise helped the customer streamline and enhance their cross-border enterprise network for improved productivity and operational efficiency.

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