Network as a Service: A Brief Zenlayer Cloud Networking Introduction 

The pace of digitization increased by about 7x during the pandemic, as many companies transitioned to digital services to accommodate remote work. (1) The post-pandemic world is more digital and connected than ever.

As companies embrace digital transformation and integrate next-generation technologies, this is creating new challenges from a networking perspective. Companies need to support emerging digital services with high quality, flexible, and reliable connectivity. And to accomplish this, many businesses are transforming from traditional networking frameworks in favor of cloud networking.

Let’s explore how cloud networking works, why it’s working together with cloud computing, and the benefits of using Zenlayer’s robust cloud networking solution as network-as-a-service (NaaS).


Cloud networking vs. cloud computing

In a traditional networking environment, companies own and operate their own infrastructure and connectivity components. As businesses increasingly move to hybrid and multi-cloud technology models, they need cloud networking connectivity to connect the different cloud resources.

A robust cloud network can apply to public, private, and hybrid cloud settings, and the amount of cloud networking resources that you use depends largely on your business needs and goals.

Zenlayer’s Cloud networking solution utilizes intelligent software to integrate modern network components including:

– Programmable high-performance switches and routers
– Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) such as firewalls
– Routes and bandwidth
– Network management, high availability

While cloud networking primarily refers to connectivity and infrastructure, cloud computing is a much broader term. Cloud computing encompasses the core services that are necessary for maintaining application uptime and performance, such as compute and storage in Zenlayer bare metal cloud.

When used together, cloud networking and cloud computing can lead to service agility, cost savings, performance gains, and security enhancements — especially when you introduce edge computing and push compute and storage functions to the edge of the network and closer to data sources.


What is Cloud Networking NaaS and how does it apply your business?

Cloud networking may sound simple and direct cloud connectivity is highly beneficial, but it can actually be complex and difficult to build and manage. Many businesses try to build and manage their own cloud networks, but encounter high costs, compliance issues, and security challenges. It also requires advanced expertise and access to the right resources.

The faster and easier method is to use a cloud NaaS solution for instant access to optimized  global cloud network connections, data center fabrics, and IP transit. For example, here at Zenlayer we offer Cloud Networking which comes with end-to-end management and 24/7 technical support to help you connect to the fabric.

Our Cloud Networking service enables businesses to instantly reach 85% of the world’s internet population in 25 ms  or less without buying, deploying, securing, or managing any infrastructure.

Here are some of the benefits that it offers.

Stronger network performance and reliability 

Cloud Networking lets you bypass the public internet using our private backbone network. The private backbone lets you reduce network latency and jitter by 40% during peak periods, for superior cloud performance and reliability peering with top public clouds’ direct cloud connection.

Avoid management headaches  

Managing a global cloud network requires a fair amount of management and support. Businesses often lack the in-house resources to deploy, manage, and protect their cloud infrastructure. But with a NaaS solution, most if not all management headaches disappear. Our NaaS offering lets you deploy powerful global cloud networks with push-button ease and on-demand network access, so IT can focus on resource planning to support business transition and growth.

Enter hard-to-reach markets 

Businesses today increasingly want access to high-growth emerging markets in places like Latin America, APAC, and EMEA. These markets often lack cloud infrastructure, making it difficult to reach end-users and provide high quality services. Our network is purpose-built for enabling fast turnup times in emerging markets. You can establish direct cloud connections across six continents including hard-to-reach areas with rapidly growing digital populations.

Create global full-mesh networks 

It’s important to establish full reach topology in a cloud network, where each node has a circuit interconnecting with other network nodes for maximum redundancy. Our Cloud Networking service provides maximum reliability and flexibility with full-mesh support at each location.

Prioritize critical applications 

Another top challenge with cloud networking involves managing multiple applications and making sure high-priority services receive enough resources. Cloud Networking makes this easy with customizable Quality of Service (QoS) rules, so that you can guarantee optimal service levels for specific applications. We also offer burstable bandwidth, to help accommodate sudden traffic surges.


Zenlayer Cloud Networking: The effortless way to deploy cloud networks

Zenlayer Cloud Networking was specifically designed to help businesses like yours connect to data centers and cloud services in a way that’s easy and affordable.

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