Why your data isn’t less secure in the cloud

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Not long ago, CIOs hesitated to move to the cloud due to security fears. Today, over 70% of organizations are in the cloud. The myth that cloud computing is less secure than legacy systems stemmed from the idea that storing data on servers and systems that aren’t self-owned is more dangerous – yet more than 40% of data security breaches occur due to employee error, not poor cloud data protection.

More and more IT teams have realized that control does not equate to security. Whether you’re in the cloud or not, security and governance depend on your security strategy and team.

Here are three reasons why data isn’t less secure in the cloud.

Automated provisioning reduces human errors

Due to a high number of security vulnerabilities being caused by human error, automating proper server configuration significantly improves security. Cloud environments can contain thousands of virtual machines, which would make manual configuration extremely expensive and time-consuming. In this case, automated server provisioning helps reduce costs, increase agility and help prevent variations that could create security loopholes.

AI and machine learning detect anomalies

Machine learning detects and learns patterns, taking note of what’s considered normal behavior – this can include traffic patterns, locations of log-ins, user activities and more. Deviations from these norms, such as logging in from very different locations or during different times, are flagged. This way, potential threats can be highlighted and resolved faster.

Physical separation prevents unauthorized access

Another advantage of hosting data in the cloud is that the data can be stored on a server located anywhere in the world, making the chances of a physical attack happening much less likely. Typically, top public cloud providers (CSPs) also safeguard these servers with security measures such as security guards, biometric devices and 24/7 security cameras.

On-premises data centers, on the other hand, are usually located within or close to the enterprise itself, where your network is at risk of unauthorized physical access.

Final thoughts

While security concerns still hold back some businesses from moving to the cloud, the general consensus is that cloud is the preferred way forward – especially with its storage, flexibility and productivity advantages.

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