Zenlayer adds new data center in Taipei, Taiwan


Zenlayer has added a new data center in Taipei, Taiwan to its global portfolio.  Along with its existing Kaohsiung data center, Zenlayer now has two data centers in Taiwan, which provides redundancy and reliability within the country.

Uptime and Reliability

The new Taipei data center (TPE1) was built in 2016 and is the largest data center in Taiwan with a floor area of over 810,000 square feet.  It is rated Tier III by the Uptime Institute, which corresponds to an uptime of 99.98%, or 1.6 hours of annual downtime.

In addition, one of the floors is rated 4 by the TIA 942-A standard – designed and built to be fault tolerant – with redundant capacity components and multiple independent distribution paths serving the computer equipment that are all active.  All other floors are rated 3 by TIA 942-A.  Concurrent maintainability is provided on all floors.


Feature 1: Over 1,000 video surveillance cameras, can detect suspicious items left on premise and alert security staff’


Feature 2: Entrance security, including turnstile security gates and metal detectors


Feature 3: Electronic fence surrounding the perimeter, alerts Operating Team when unidentified personnel tries to climb the fence


Feature 4: Key card access and face recognition, all personnel must go through both key card and face recognition identification at least twice – once when entering the building and once when entering each floor.  If face recognition fails, access is denied even with a key card.


(All photos are from iThome)

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