Zenlayer and Equinix Jointly Deliver Ultimate Hybrid Multi-Cloud Experience for Digital Enterprises

As enterprises go digital, the primary goals for IT are increasingly focused on quick new market entry, service proximity to the customers, and placement of specific workloads based on business, regulatory and geopolitical impacts. This trend is driving new thinking in infrastructure planning.

What sort of infrastructure solution will most effectively enable business expansion and transformation? How should I&O (Infrastructure & Operation) leaders consider the value of service providers as partners to build their future-proof infrastructure solutions?

Zenlayer, Equinix, and Dell Technologies have come together to share insights around these questions and provided a joint solution to fuel the growth of digital enterprises.

The Future-proof Infrastructure Strategy

According to Gartner, by 2025, 85% of infrastructure strategies will integrate on-premises, colocation, cloud and edge delivery options, compared with 20% in 2020. An increasing number of enterprises will step out of their traditional data center topology to adopt a new infrastructure approach from the edge all the way to the data centers and the cloud. Hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, cloud adjacent and distributed cloud will play a critical part in infrastructure strategies in the coming 3-5 years.

Businesses have to be more creative if they want their architecture to be high performing, scalable, and low capex to meet the requirements for fast change and growth. The IT mindset will have to change from “how can we fit this into the existing architecture” to “where can we find it elsewhere, rather than building it ourselves?”  Especially when workloads need to be accessed from multiple locations, a provider ecosystem that supports strong interconnection services can be a key enabler for these workloads. Joint provider solutions can drastically improve the ease of deployment and performance of critical workloads that matter to business outcomes.

The next question is: Which joint solution can provide you with the level of flexibility, security and trust you need?

The Power of Three

Zenlayer, Equinix, and Dell Technologies, leaders of edge cloud, digital infrastructure and digital technology, have been at the heart of meeting enterprise infrastructure challenges for years. Based on substantial experience serving customers across various use case scenarios, the three have teamed up to provide a turnkey solution that offers the elasticity of the cloud with the performance, security and control of private IT infrastructure. Each party brings a piece to the table.

Equinix, the world’s leading digital infrastructure company™ with 220+ data centers globally, provides the fundamental infrastructure interconnected with cloud service providers and networks of customers’ choice, through the Equinix Fabric™. This builds a strong foundation for greater efficiency, performance and security.

Dell Technologies, delivers cloud enabled infrastructure that uses all the API integrations so customers can deploy what they need. Organizations can build on Dell’s expertise in offering a traditional or hybrid approach to building a platform that provides customers with an on-ramp that extends to the edge and can be quickly deployed in Equinix data centers globally.

Zenlayer, a leading edge cloud service provider, acts a central contact point that designs a complete service solution deploying Dell Technologies infrastructure within Equinix data centers connected to the Equinix Fabric. Zenlayer deploys bare metal cloud across 42 locations around the world, running on Dell Technologies. At the same time, Zenlayer builds its networking services such as international private lines into Equinix data centers to further optimize hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure. Customers can leverage Zenlayer’s managed hosting to deploy into some very hard to reach markets like China, India, Southeast Asia, and South America.

An Ultimate Hybrid/Multi Cloud Experience

This joint solution enables a broad range of use cases:

Hybrid/Multi Cloud: Interconnect hybrid multi-cloud services across multiple locations, including public cloud, near-to-cloud, and on-premises.
Global Edge Delivery: reduce latency, expand global reach, accelerate time to market, and drive better end-user experiences.
Network: Increase application delivery performance to end users as well as strengthen security posture to minimize critical data being exposed to the Internet.
Storage: Manage enormous data growth and expanding storage costs and leverage advanced services of the public cloud providers while keeping data private and easily auditable.
Compute: Place compute clusters in strategic locations with direct access to the cloud and process higher transaction rates across multiple clouds and business partners at reduced cost.
Backup: Implement backup for on premises and cloud data sets with planned failover of apps between on-premises to cloud for load balancing or maintenance of primary site.

The integrated solution enables enterprises to fully leverage what hybrid cloud has to offer by providing WAN-like connectivity between private infrastructure and all the leading cloud providers, enabling unparalleled choice and flexibility. With the system supporting a broad mix of private, hybrid, and public cloud deployments, enterprises gain scalability by deploying whatever application design meets their business needs. Additionally, businesses can optimize their IT spend as they don’t have to pay unnecessary networking and cloud egress fees while utilizing the right combination of usage-based services from all the available providers. They can leverage a rich choice of service providers to design low-cost business continuity plans, thus mitigating risk and enhancing security controls.

In today’s IT landscape, partnership is a huge part of making advantages possible for customers. Zenlayer, a leading edge cloud service provider, will not only continue to build edge capabilities on top of its massive global network backbone but also collaborate with leaders in its broader ecosystem to empower more use case scenarios for enterprises as they scale and transform. Enterprises that embrace these services will be able to stay agile and meet today’s highly competitive market demands.

Watch Zenlayer, Dell Technologies and Equinix’s on demand webinar to learn how to Secure the Edge, Connect the Core and Access the Clouds.

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