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A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of web servers or Points of Presence (PoP) distributed globally. A CDN overcomes the drawbacks of the conventional method involving only one central server. With a CDN, content is replicated and stored so that users can quickly access data from a server closest to their location, thus taking care of traffic congestion and enhancing web performance.

Zenlayer CDN - Built for performance

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No matter where your users are, Zenlayer CDN has a server near them. Built on the Zenlayer global network, the intelligent routing in the CDN ensures smooth, fast, and reliable distributed delivery to your users even during demand spikes. An intuitive interface makes it easy to add content distribution on six continents with deliveries in under 30 ms worldwide and in under 10 ms to any major city. You can view real-time analytics and adjust your network in case of a sudden increase in user base due to events or updates. With a pay-as-you-go plan, good connectivity, and highly secure content and network, Zenlayer CDN is becoming a popular choice for businesses. So, if you want to ensure a reliable content delivery with zero packet loss between nodes, contact Zenlayer CDN.


Over 70 edge locations in India and Southeast Asia

India and indonesia are the fastest growing digital markets as of 2020 and combined have well over 900 million internet users. Zenlayer has over 70 edge locations dedicated to serving these users and others in the APAC region for an average latency of just 30 ms and under 10 ms in major cities.

Benefits of Zenlayer CDN


  • Intelligent routing with high network redundancy
  • Global, private backbone
  • Transmission protocol optimization
  • Geolocation: DNS+IP
  • Content Optimization
  • WebSocket support
  • Rich API support


  • HTTPS secure cloud acceleration
  • TLS support
  • Support for single and double certificates
  • IP black and white lists
  • Referrer anti-theft chain
  • Back-to-source verification
  • URL encryption


  • Zero packet loss between nodes
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Failover
  • Redundant clusters
  • Load balancing
  • Smart dispatch

Zenlayer Global Accelerator

Zenlayer Global Accelerator

Instantly accelerates dynamic content and reduces application latency for users worldwide. You tell us what you need and where, our Zenlayer team handles the rest.

Built on Zenlayer’s private global backbone, Global Intelligent Accelerator is highly responsive and instantaneously enhances end-to-end interactive digital experiences across various industries worldwide

Instantly accelerates user access to
  • Dynamic content like live streaming/VOD of games with player actions
  • Secure operations like user authentication and payments
  • Gaming
  • Media
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Exceptional speeds
  • Improved user satisfaction
  • Increased revenue
  • Highly responsive

CDN use cases

Use Zenlayer CDN to reduce load times for any kind of content

Game data
Web content
Large files

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