Zenlayer has 5400+ peers worldwide - why should you care? Learn how peering helps providers route traffic more efficiently, reduce transit costs, and improve uptime. 
From interactive gaming to online shopping, the time it takes for content to load could determine a user’s next steps, and consequently the future of a business. Read this blog to learn how content delivery networks (CDN) and dynamic caching can take your users' online experience to the next level.
COVID-19 has affected how we connect in person and connecting online simply isn’t the same. It is, however, the next best thing, and I’m incredibly proud that our work at Zenlayer has enabled millions of people around the world to remain connected during a year like 2020.
Sophia has won Employee of the Quarter three times but is still down to earth and one of the hardest workers at Zenlayer. She keeps Zenlayer projects around the world on track from her home in Southern California.

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