Accelerate enterprise growth in Asia with the #1 hyperconnected network in emerging markets

Global enterprise expansion is never simple, especially when you’re extending domestic operations halfway around the world into unfamiliar territory.

Asia’s diverse and stringent regulatory landscapes pose a significant challenge for organizations that lack local experience to establish a solid presence. Cultural differences and language barriers exacerbate obstacles, making it difficult for foreign, Asia-bound companies to source trustworthy and capable vendors to ensure compliance with complex legal frameworks.

The region’s vast geographical expanse also surfaces various logistical challenges, from long-distance latency to infrastructural disparities, requiring potentially substantial investments to maintain service quality and operational efficiency. And in a booming, crowded, competitive local market, businesses must ensure stable, seamless digital experiences for users to stay ahead of the game. Zenlayer, the world’s first hyperconnected cloud, is fully equipped and ready to help you solve these problems so that your business can swiftly and painlessly land and expand in Asia to capture new opportunities.


Common challenges companies face in their Asia expansion

Without a partner who can provide fast and reliable networking, robust compute services, and regional expertise, your business might encounter the following challenges as you plan your expansion to Asia:

  • Inadequate coverage – infrastructure gaps and complex geography make it hard to reach users in remote areas, and harder still to provide them with consistently good service.
  • Limited access and options – Asia’s fierce competition between providers creates a suboptimal peering landscape that limits cost-effective access to local networks and other essential services.
  • Slow market entry – Regulation complexities and variations across Asia’s 48 countries coupled with cross-border logistical challenges can significantly delay time-to-market.


Zenlayer unlocks Asia’s full potential for your business

Zenlayer’s hyperconnected cloud network fabric and on-demand edge compute offered through our massively distributed global points of presence (PoPs) can help you overcome these barriers to:


Take advantage of Asia’s most hyperconnected network fabric

Partnering with Zenlayer in your Asia expansion efforts empowers your business with a highly scalable, high-performance global infrastructure that you can leverage to interconnect your global resources for streamlined operations.

Our hyperconnected network has been simplifying businesses for organizations of all sizes for more than a decade, and our extensive presence in emerging regions helps you efficiently reach users in otherwise hard-to-reach locations.


Get high-performance, low-latency coverage throughout Asia’s 48 countries

Zenlayer’s high-performance Asia network spans nearly 200 PoPs, covering 99% of the regional internet population, optimizing and simplifying connections to hard-to-reach locations like Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and even the most remote reaches of mainland China.

72 of those PoPs offer on-demand edge compute, availing dedicated bare metal servers and highly flexible virtual machine instances that let you host content and applications closer to end users to minimize distance-based latency and ensure consistent service quality.

Globally, our private backbone is comprised of over 300 PoPs across 105 cities, featuring a multilayer architecture that supports high concurrency, lightning-fast speeds that reach 85% of the world’s internet users in 25 milliseconds or less, with up to 80% less latency than public networks during peak hours.

Using Zenlayer’s global footprint, it’s easy to replicate your familiar, homegrown digital infrastructure in whichever country you’re planning to expand to. To accelerate disaster recovery, you can easily set up backup sites so that you can quickly resume operations after an outage or other regional disruptions.


Gain access to cost-effective services through our massive partner ecosystem

Whether you’re planning a new buildout for expansion or upgrading existing deployments, Zenlayer’s hyperconnected cloud fabric gives you direct access to leading regional network and cloud service providers at reasonable costs. Our rich ecosystem helps save you time and resources while ensuring compatibility across your digital infrastructure.

When you partner with us, you unlock access to data centers worldwide and over 10,000 ISP, telecom carrier, and internet exchange peers that include leading regional network providers like Telkom Indonesia, Viettel, PLDT, Indosat, Airtel, Tata, Singtel, Korea Telecom, SK Broadband, KDDI, Softbank, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, and many more.

You’ll also be able to augment your hybrid or multi-cloud strategy with more than 300 cloud-onramps that offer direct connections to your most-used public clouds like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Tencent Cloud, and more.

In addition, we offer managed hosting, custom colocation, and consultancy services through any of our PoPs worldwide so you can be sure that wherever you’re heading, we’ll be there to take care of your expansion needs.


Overcome logistical and compliance challenges and accelerate market entry

Since our founding more than 10 years ago, Zenlayer has been helping small to medium-sized businesses and global enterprises navigate the complexities of entering new markets worldwide – particularly in Asia’s emerging regions like Southeast Asia and China. Our experts can help you ensure compliance with the unique regulatory landscapes across Asia’s diverse geography and nations.

Leveraging our massively distributed footprint, you can host data locally in the countries you operate to comply with increasingly stringent data localization laws.

We offer private, cross-border connectivity and direct interconnectivity between AWS US and AWS China to help accelerate your applications and content, guaranteeing a consistently high quality of service.

In addition, you can take advantage of our rapid deployment services to significantly accelerate market entry. Rather than waiting months for provisioning, depending on complexity, we can speed up deployments to weeks or days, empowering you to seize emerging opportunities before the competition.

zenConsole, our intuitive self-service platform, further expedites market entry by offering our many cloud and compute services on demand. With just a few clicks in a few minutes, you can provision servers in 48 countries across six continents; interconnect offices, data centers, and other sites; accelerate applications; and easily manage and monitor your existing services anywhere with an internet connection.

When you partner with Zenlayer in your expansion efforts, there’s no need to juggle piecemeal contracts from multiple vendors for the local networks, data centers, and other services you’ll invariably need. Our one-stop-shop approach simplifies all of your digital infrastructure services under one contract, minimizing time-to-market.


Modern enterprises demand modern networking infrastructure

With growing adoption of multi-cloud, cross-cloud, and hybrid cloud solutions, enterprise network management is becoming increasingly complex, and that’s without going cross-border.

Digital transformation is essential, requiring organizations to be able to rapidly deploy and scale networks elastically while retaining security, reliability, and of course, performance.

Zenlayer unlocks access to local networks, cloud services, on-demand edge compute, and direct connections to all major public clouds. Our hyperconnected cloud fabric and globally distributed PoPs are powerful tools that can help accelerate digital transformation for your business so you can quickly capture new markets.

Let’s dive into a few customer success stories, where you’ll learn how Zenlayer’s end-to-end solutions are helping global leaders in automotive manufacturing, finance, and hospitality improve and simplify their cross-border operations.


Enterprise expansion success stories with Zenlayer


Automotive manufacturing

A Fortune 200 automotive company with operations in more than 60 countries had existing manufacturing operations within China but no centralized data center strategy or network aggregation point. They needed a reliable network infrastructure that can efficiently carry their traffic from their manufacturing plant in Shanghai to their offices in Singapore.

Zenlayer’s expertise in navigating China’s complex internet regulations and longstanding partnerships with the country’s top telecom providers enabled seamless cross-border connectivity for the automotive company, with their traffic now being routed through our ultra-low latency global backbone to Singapore.

The CN2, China Telecom’s high-speed data superhighway, typically incurs significant costs. Leveraging our economy of scale, we were able to provide them with a premium CN2 line at a lower rate.

In addition, we proposed a hybrid solution that balanced traffic between our cloud network and the new line to reduce reliance on the pricier CN2 network, significantly improving cost efficiency and ensuring the automotive company has a resilient, scalable solution for their evolving needs.



A leading financial provider based in the Philippines with more than 500 employees and $1 billion in sales was suffering from poor cloud performance and needed to improve user experience for its distributed workers. Their main goals were to streamline access to cloud applications, stabilize connectivity, and enhance security.