New SD-WAN Features: Mobile Access and Multi-Region BGP

As part of our continual quest for improvement, we’re pleased to announce new connection options making Zenlayer SD-WAN easier to use than ever.

Mobile access

First up, Zenlayer SD-WAN now supports mobile access via SSL VPN. What does that mean? It means you can use a phone, laptop, or any other mobile device with a secure connection to access and control your network. This is a feature that’s been requested by a number of our clients interested in maximizing flexible access to their SD-WANs but involved many challenges to implement securely. Fortunately, challenges are what our R&D engineers like best. Now you can add a connection, change routing rules, increase bandwidth, and more from anywhere you can get wi-fi.

Multi-region BGP

Another exciting new connection option is multi-region BGP (Border Gateway Protocol). At the moment, this is mainly intended for customers using MPLS with large-scale sites. What does that mean? Some of our customers have networks set up in various regions, often using dedicated leased lines. That works great intra-regionally, but inter-regional connections can be very expensive. These customers usually must decide between using the public internet for data transfers between regions or high capital expenditures for additional infrastructure.

Multi-region BGP, however, allows these regions to be quickly and easily connected to each other via our SD-WAN. If you have networks in, say, the Eastern United States, Europe, and India, you can now connect all of them in just a few minutes! Not only that, but the connections will be secure and highly available with built-in redundancies. And of course, like nearly every Zenlayer service, payment plans are flexible and bandwidth can be adjusted on the fly to match demand.

Greater global reach

This “update” to our SD-WAN is actually an update to our Cloud Networking and Managed Hosting/Co-Location services. Zenlayer SD-WAN takes advantage of our global private backbone to offer low latency and secure data transfers. Recent deployments have increased our total number of PoPs worldwide to over 130 and our total IP transit will reach 9 Tbps by the end of December. That directly translates to faster and better SD-WAN services.

What’s next?

Out-of-Band Management (OOBM) is in the deployment stage and will be ready globally in January. With OOBM, you’ll be able remotely install updates and turn devices off and on – no remote management card (RMC) required. Since everything will be handled via our online portal, you won’t need to keep track of each router’s IP address in a complicated spreadsheet. 24/7 monitoring is a given and an API will be provided for easy integration with your own systems.

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